Wedding | Get the perfect size for her Engagement Ring!

Wedding | Get the perfect size for her Engagement Ring!

Nothing should spoil an engagement surprise plan. Not even being unaware of the exact ring finger size. Creativity in doing this will result in an engagement that leaves your girl in awe. You will be thrilled to see the surprised yet happy look on her face as you slide that ring in her finger. 
If you don’t know her ring size, here are some ideas to help you: 

Use one of her rings. 

The strategy requires that you take one of the rings she uses frequently. The dominant hand of a lady is larger than her less dominant one. Note which finger she wears the ring on to give you as accurate measurements as possible. Using the ring to get a sketch on the measurements is a perfect idea. If you have the time, you can rush to a ring store. The jeweller will then take the ring measurements.  Use the ring when you are confident that she will not need it before you are through taking the measurements. You do not want to spoil the surprise ahead. Return it back to the same place you got it from. She should not be distressed at the thought that her ring is missing.  

Seek help from her close friends. 

It is possible that one of her friends is engaged. Let the friend take your girl’s finger measurements subtly. The friend could act like they want to buy another friend a ring. Execute it in a way that will not raise suspicion. Her engaged friend could use her engagement ring and see if it fits her. It might not fit her ring finger, but it could fit a different finger. Let the friend give you a detailed report. Use the information to get the ring of her dreams.  It would be an excellent idea if the friend assisted in knowing your girl’s dream ring. Getting her the right size and her dream design will be exciting. She will have this ring for a very long time so you want her to be happy every time she looks at it. You can never run out of options as there are many designs of engagement rings from NZ jewellers like that you can choose from  If you take this as your choice tactic, be sure of the friend you’ve asked help from. Ensure they are capable of keeping a secret until its due time. The friend of your choice should be one who can quickly act without their faces betraying them.  

Compare her finger with yours. 

She loves it when you hold her hand. So go ahead take her hand into yours and maximize the moment. Check which of your fingers is closer in size to her ring finger. Play with her fingers and keep an exciting or romantic conversation. She will not suspect what is in your mind.  If she is wearing any ring, remove it. Slide it playfully through your own. You will get a feel of how her size fits your fingers. Work with the finger that fits best. This tactic might not be too accurate. However, it will work well if you choose which finger to work with correctly.  

Wait until she sleeps. 

If you have the opportunity, wait until she sleeps. However, be sure that she is deeply sleeping or else she will surprise you. Take a string or paper and wrap it around her finger. Do this several times just to be sure you have the right size. It could turn out to be something you will laugh about many years down the line.  

Get creative but don’t stress. 

There are many things you could do to get her finger size secretly. Ask the question when you are freely talking about different topics. Do this yourself or ask a friend you trust to do it. In the conversation, let her discuss her dream ring and her size.  

 Work with the tactic that suits you best. However, don’t stress. Walk into a ring store, choose a ring and go ahead with the surprise proposal. When it does not fit her well, take it back to the jeweller after the proposal for resizing. 

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