Travel | Plan a weekend away in the UK

Travel | Plan a weekend away in the UK

We all need a good break once in a while.

Even for a couple of nights 50 miles from home. Just the distance and breathing space we crave, especially living in this hectic lifestyle of work, socialising, keeping fit and binging on as much TV as possible! (Just me??) 

So a weekend away with your nearest and dearest is just what the doctor ordered!

Since we are in dire need of a quick getaway, or two, I have been researching UK hotspots for a quick breath of fresh air, de-stress and a change of scenery.

As money is a little precious, and partly because I want to be cheap (doesn’t everyone), hunting for a nice hotel, plenty to do and places we’ve never been to before seems a pretty tall order.

But, after searching many websites, I found some gems too good to miss, I’d thought I’d impart some wisdom in how I found something that suited the criteria!

Research, research, research! 
There are plenty of places in the UK to visit and experience. But it can be hard to figure out where to go and what to do. Make sure you research as much as possible. Chat to friends and family, and search on line forums and websites for places you may not even know about to visit and sightsee.

I like this part of planning, since whilst I love the run of the mill attractions, I love trying to find things I would never have known about without researching extensively.

Don’t be fooled with websites like and lastminute, I always check the hotel website to make sure I am getting the best deal, nor missing out on other offers! Most of the time, its the same or better value for money , but it’s worth checking!

Google Maps It 
Going on a little road trip? Google Map it! I find it so useful when trying to figure out where’s where and how far everything really is from each other. When looking at going to multiple destinations, you can add them all to you itinerary and work out your total miles and timings.

Plus, my basic Geography knowledge is appalling, so I need all the ruddy help I can get!

Tesco Clubcard 

Not many people tend to do this, but if you’re a club card member, you can use your vouchers on hotel stays days out and restaurants. I always save up our vouchers and use them on weekends away in the UK. They are 4 times their value when using them on days out and hotel stays so well worth abstaining from spending for the year.

Have a look on their website to see local attractions involved. Many include the likes of Merlin attractions as well as zoos, museums, castles and theme parks!! 

Once you’ve found, book! 

Don’t hold back too much from booking. Whilst it’s good to shop around, don’t take too long. Usually when a good offer is available, it won’t be there too long.

Sounds a little silly, but try and plan as much as possible. Day trips, meals out, breakfast stop offs. It may seem a little regimental, but having a break in the UK can work out costly if not prepped accordingly.

*Little tip – take cash and no card, since spending can get out of hand when away from home and feeling in the holiday mood!

So if you’re thinking you need a night away, stay local, book in the UK. It can be just as refreshing as travelling abroad, but at the fraction of cost.

Where’s your fav place to holiday in the UK? 

Any tips that should be in this post? 

Be sure to comment below. I love reading your thoughts! 

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