My July Wishlist

My July Wishlist

Can you believe we are in July?!

We are half way into 2017 and in the full swing of Summer. Whilst we have had some gorgeous spells of sunshine (many of which I have complained endlessly simply because I have NO clothes that suit warmer weather) my wardrobe says otherwise.

Just a little while ago I decided I would lose some weight before buying any more clothes, however, some ‘window shopping’ on-line has made me want to forget it all and want to buy, buy, buy!!

Flowy tops, dresses, denim shorts and over sized sunglasses scream effortless and sunshine to no end, I have a lovely week off planned in August after 2 weddings in one week, so a week off easy relaxation and activities, spur me to have a wardrobe that reflects that too.

July wish list

I’m trying to be a little more adventurous with my accessories. I have never been a cap nor hat kind of person, but I’m dying to pull off the oversized or cute cap look. I’m pretty sure I will look a complete muppet, but you don’t know until you try!!

There any looks your trying to adapt this summer?

Any loves from my wishlist? 

As always comment below, I love hearing your thoughts! 

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