Beauty | The Foundation I can’t get enough of!!

Beauty | The Foundation I can’t get enough of!!

It’s been a ruddy long time since I shared with you some of my beauty favs. Partly because I lost all interest in making my face look pretty since it’s been riddled with acne and spots!Who knew being 23 with teenage acne was a bare possibility?!

Buttt, I seem to be tackling it well and have kinda got back into bad habits of buying new make-up – oops. 

Since foundation is a necessity for me, and I haven’t been comfortable baring all for god knows how long, I need a good foundation offering me all day coverage, as well as little need to powder, nor be too heavy on the face. No one likes the feeling of being ‘caked’ in it!

Whilst it doesn’t seem like a tall order by any stretch, sometimes you’d think I’m asking the bloody impossible.

So finding a high street brand that offers all this and doesn’t break the bank? Well that’s a good day!

Fit Me – Maybelline New York 

I actually just stumbled across this on a regular trip to my local Superdrug. More specifically I was on a lunch break at work enjoying the sunshine and miraculously ended up down the make-up aisle of Superdrug – whopps! 

Due to the spontaneous trip, I had no idea what I was looking for, or what was even worth trying. Usually, I know what I want to buy, have heard good things ect ect, and my decision is made before I even step in the store.

What stood out for me was how light the foundation is. I’m trying to cut back on how much I put on my skin, and much prefer a more natural look for day to day outings. This foundation gives good coverage, without needing concealer, however is lightweight and easy on my pores.

It’s well wearing, with most of my make-up coming off at the end of the day – which is always a plus. There is some kind of pleasure to be had when wiping off your make-up and seeing the tanned remains on your make-up wipe!

Since I have combination skin, I find it easy and non-greasy, rarely having to top up with a quick powder at lunch!!

Overall, this foundation fits me and my lifestyle. The durable but light weight solution makes it quick and easy to apply in the morning, and leaves me worry free that I need to powder at regular intervals! It’s so easy to apply and blends perfectly covering redness and scarring.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new and improved high street brand foundation!

Are there any new foundations you are loving? 
Have you tried fit me? 
Let me know your thoughts and comment below!  

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