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Home | The Zen Bedroom – How To

There is nothing more important than having a bedroom where you can completely relax, wind down and fall asleep gracefully.

But we’ve all been there, wide awake at odd hours, tossing and turning and never understanding why we are just not falling asleep.

Well, there’s a couple of reasons why, and you’ve probably never even thought about them!


 The colour of your bedroom can make all the difference on your sleep pattern, mood and ability to fully relax. To fully relax and be completely zen before drifting off, dull, mellow shades within your room will help you drift off peacfully. Vibrant, bright shades encourage your mind to be awake and buzz. Not what you want when trying to sleep.



Technology. We all love it. It’s even better when you can do it from the comfort of bed. But, that can damage your sleeping habits more than you think. To ensure a zen bedroom full of undisturbed sleep, get rid of your technology as much as you can, including your tv!! Train your brain and body to associate your bed and bedroom over all as the place to unwide and rest. Watching tv and surfing the web for long periods of time in bed can encourage you mind to be pro-active, even when you want to sleep.



Bedside lamps, main light and sunlight can all effect the mood of your room. Ensure your light bulbs create soft, warm lighting. Whether it’s a late night or early morning, harsh lighting can effect the zen of your room before you’ve even started to rest!

Don’t forget the black out blinds / curtains. Whilst you may not think it effects your sleep too much, excess light into your room whilst your trying to catch 50 winks can create distrubed, restless sleeping patterns – not good!



A variety of soft, plush furnishings can make the world of difference in your bedroom. Cushions, throws, pillows and bedding can make your bed the perfect area to catch some rest and completely unwind.

So whether you move out the TV, change your colour scheme, or buy some black out curtains, there are plenty of things to consider if you’re not getting the undistrubed rest you require!

What steps have you taken to ensure your room is completely zen? 
Any tips to people struggling? 
Let me know and comment below!

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