Lifestyle | TV too good to miss!

Lifestyle | TV too good to miss!

This post may be a lil controversial since it’s the hottest time of the year, and I’m about to tell you that I love settling down to a good TV show / box set, despite the good weather!

There is something about the light evenings and the prospect of multiple episodes of a new found box set you just can’t wait to catch up on!

TV has certainly taken on a new role, being far more in-thrilling than most films. I have and always will be a movie buff, however, I will choose a good TV Drama series over a movie any day of the week.

So what’s got me hooked this summer? Well….

Handmaids Tale 

Channel 4 – Available on Demand – 1 x Series

I started watching this after a recommendation from a work colleague. You won’t understand why people watch it if you just listened to the plot, so don’t let that put you off. 
Set in America, an act of terrorism has made only a select amount of the population fertile. In bid to maintain the population, the government has assigned fertile women to high families in aid to bear children for them. 

Please don’t judge it purely on my mismatched excuse of a synopsis. It truly is a gripping series full of drama and jaw-dropping scenes.

Line of Duty 

BBC – Latest series available on Demand – 4 x Series

I saw plenty on my Facebook and Twitter feeds in regard to the latest series that aired on BBC. Being a complete old women, and not wanting to join the party late, and misinformed, I watched Line of Duty from the very beginning. Not expecting to be as hooked as I was, not even a weekend away could stop me from watching a episode or two. Within a week and a half I had watched series 1-4.

Gripping, gritty and thrilling throughout. If you love police drama, and don’t mind a little bit of blood, this is a series you want to watch. Watched the latest season but not before? What are you doing?!? Watch from the very beginning, season 1 & 2 can be found on Netflix!!! 

Game of Thrones 

Sky Atlantic – Avaliable on Sky Boxsets – 6 x Series

I don’t think I need to explain this one too much, nor my love for it, since I have never been shy in expressing that. All I can say, is it’s never too late to catch up. Me and my fiancĂ©e have been watching it from the very beginning, since he waited till the 7th season to say he wouldn’t mind getting into it. Have no fear, within 2 weeks, we have watched every episode up until season 6. He will be just about ready for the new season!

Gory, mouth dropping and utterly unbelievable through and through. Fantasy drama meets medieval madness. What’s not to like!!

Killer Women – With Piers Morgan

ITV1 – Avaliable on demand – 2 x series

Slightly different from the others, since its a interview style series of real women who have killed real people. For those of us who enjoy learning of real case murders and the unbelievable truth of evil, this is a series to watch.

It will certainly make your blood boil, and want to head butt your tv, but it’s worth a watch just to even try and understand how these twisted individuals tick. It will never fail to shock nor surprise you.

Don’t like Piers Morgan? Me neither, no matter, you can pretty much ignore him in this.

The Crown 

Netflix – 1 x Series

I will say, this is the easiest to watch, yet so en-thrilling and enjoyable. A en-thrilling series spanning the reign of Queen Elizabeth, offering insight into the life of our Queen, and the battles she has faced to reign so successfully.

You will certainly learn a lot from this series, and if like me you are rather fond of the monarchy, it will only cement it a little further why we are so lucky to have a monarchy like ours! Series 2 is currently being filmed and I’m so excited to see what the latest will entail!!

So if you’re like me, and enjoy a good old box set, even on a summers evening, there is plenty to be watching this summer. I have lots on my list to get started on in Autumn, I’ll be sure to let you know what I’m binging on.

Are you watching any must see box sets at the moment? 

Any I should be watching? 

Why not start some natter below, I love reading all your comments. 

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