Wedding | Only a year to go!

3-6-5  D A Y S !

Just Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days.

I cannot believe it! This post has been sitting in my scheduled folder for soo long, and I’ve often felt like I would never get to post it!

It seems like only yesterday my fiancée proposed to me on the gorgeous site of High Rocks. And now we have just 365 days to go until our big day!

I hate to be someone who counts down the days, because whilst I am ruddy excited, I’m also nervous on what the come down will feel like and what will I do with my time. What will fill up this empty spot on my blog?

That is over a year away now, so need no fear just yet!

I thought I’d take you on a little check list on where we are with our planning.
My head has been spinning the last couple of months in regards to deposits, bookings, decisions and more. For a good 9 months, I sat back and surfed Pinterest, assembling boards for every aspect, feeling like I was getting somewhere.

Note – organising pins on Pinterest is not organising a wedding. As March started to close, I quickly realised a picture of what I wanted was not going to get me anywhere and well, booking started to commence.

Fast forward 4 months and well everything is booked, planned and prepared.


Our venue has been booked for nearly a year. Having visited it just over 4 times, there are lots of ideas we have managed to cement and are slowly coming together – woohoo!! Every time we visit we fall in love with it a little more and realise why it’s so perfect for our day.

Our caterer is briefed and food tasting is booked in the diary. We have an idea of our menu, but we need the tasting to confirm our ideas.

The wedding party has been picked for a little over 3 months now, and save the dates have been sent! Groomsman and bridesmaids are asking lots of questions and putting their own ideas into the day. I love we have a group of people to lean on and take some of the stress away!

Our invites are being designed ready for printing early next year. Sounds silly, but I’m so excited to get these printed and sent, that’s when things start to get a little more real!

My wedding dress is on order and *should* be coming into the store next month, and bridesmaid dress shopping is booked in for Sunday! I’m so in love with my dress and can’t wait to see bridesmaids in their dresses!!

Hen do planning is under way, with lots of plans and ideas bouncing around. I’m rather keen to have some surprises so I’m trying to pull myself away from the planning.

Florist, chairs, decorations, and photographer are all booked. We are currently deciding on our ‘engagement’ photo shoot location and timing, since its a time we get to ‘practice’ our poses and get into the routine of being photographed.

Whilst things seem to be slotting into place, I’m starting to feel a little sick with everything.
My fiancée’s sister is getting married in a little over a week, and so is my cousin. For a long time their wedding’s were always the buffer between now and ours and soon that will be no longer. Whilst a lot can happen in a year and it is still a way to go yet if this past year is anything to go by, it will be here before we know it!
I am in no way having cold feet, I have never been so sure about something in my life, it’s just a little scary when planning such a huge and important day. There are so many things to think about, consider and pay for. Sometimes it’s so stressful and daunting, it can over come the whole reason for the day.

I am so glad the less than a year countdown is now beginning. The fact I can finally say ‘this time next year I will be married’ is so refreshing and exciting.

Here’s to the next year and all it has to entail. There’s lots of DIY aspects I will be embarking on to try and keep costs down, and make it a little more fun. Keep your eyes peeled for future posts where I will be exploring ideas and aspects I will be encorporating into my wedding.

Have any tips for a bride-to-be? 
Anything you would like me to share on my wedding planning journey? 
Maybe you’re planning your wedding too? 
Let me know and comment below! 

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