Weekly Update – Summer Madness

Weekly Update – Summer Madness

It’s be a while since I’ve last caught you guys up in a little post.

This weekend was the real start of the madness that is our summer.

So much is going on over the next couple of weeks, it hard to comprehend there will be a time where we can just relax.

Bridesmaid dress shopping, two weddings, family to stay, a birthday, start of football season and a week off to fill.

With bridesmaid shopping next weekend, and the following being the first of the two weddings, but mid august we will be into time off mode and having some time for ourselves.
Since we are sooo busy, so we haven’t managed to plan out our week off just yet. Although we have plenty of ideas including walks, day trips and mooching around local towns. We live in a beautiful part of the country, so it would be silly not to utilise it!

Apart from the wedding madness and non planned time off, there isn’t much else to catch you up on.

As always, the weeks seem to fly by, weekends more so, and the calendar ever full of get together’s and events. Just last week I looked over the coming months, and whilst some weekends have nothing planned (yayyyy), every month there is at least something every other weekend all the way up to 2018!


So before I bore you all half to death about how ‘busy’ I have things, I’ll leave this post there.

On the blogging front, everything is looking so exciting. My followers and reach is constantly growing, and I’m finally back into a blogging grove I love! I have plenty of content scheduled, and ideas buzzing around.

Be sure to check in over the coming weeks as there are a few posts coming that I am so excited for you to all enjoy!

Here’s to another week, and the latter half of July. I’m sure it will fly by as per and we will all be weeping before we know it because once again, summer has passed!!

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