An August Wishlist

An August Wishlist

It’s ruddy August guys and it’s been teeming it down. And I mean teeming!!

Yesterday, when I looked out the window at work and felt the light breeze and smelt the musky smell of rain (you know the smell), I honestly thought it was autumn, not that last ‘real’ month of summer!

With that in mind, and what I am tending to wear more so than ever, this wishlist of mine is a little more autumn than I would have intended.

But hey, boots keep your toes dry, and jeans, well jeans!!

Aug Wishlist

So dependant on the weather, which I very much doubt will kick back into summer mode, I believe my wardrobe attire has been fully switched to autumn mode. Not that I’m complaining of course!!

 Whats on your wishlist this month? 

Anything I should be adding to mine? 
Let me know and comment below!

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