Hever Castle | A Photo Diary

Hever Castle |  A Photo Diary

Hay pals.

It’s me, back with all things time off, Sussex and exploring!

Last week was the first week off since Christmas, so I was in need for a real time away from everything social media and blogging.

If you follow me on insta and twitter, you may have seen a picture or two from our ventures, but if you haven’t I will be doing photo diaries of all the places we stumbled upon and explored!

 I am a real lover for castles and everything Tudor related. So last week we ventured not too far from home to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

A beautiful castle surrounded by gorgeous mature gardens and countless mazes keeps anyone occupied! You even get to explore the castle and wander through the bedrooms of both Anne Boleyn and King Henry!

We first ventured to the castle. We had such gorgeous weather, we really wanted to make the most of it and be indoors for a little as possible. I’m so glad we did it this way round, as it left the rest of the day with ample time to explore the gorgeous gardens. 

I really could have spent all day just in the gardens. Such a beautiful and peaceful setting. Whether you fance a go in the row boat, a coffee in a venetian setting, or a rest onlooking the stunning castle, Hever has everything to offer on a perfect Summers day!

I couldn’t recommend Hever castle enough!!

Have you been to Hever Castle before? 
Anywhere similar you would recommend? 
Start some natter below in the comment section. 

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