How to | Finish every working day happy

How to | Finish every working day happy

Stress isn’t something we should all be adding to ourselves just for the sake of it.

We would all agree that work usually is a underlying factor for stress, as well ending our day on a bit of a sour note. 
Just one little incident and your whole day has taken a tumble into negativity. So how can we stop the evening being ruined? I have some little steps I take to make sure my work troubles stay routed at work!

1: Take a walk 
It’s amazing how much weight and stress can be lifted just with a walk. Around the block, around the park, along the beach. Where ever it may be, walking can help you release the stress of the day, before it takes a toll on the rest of your day.

2: Vent 
Sometimes a walk just doesn’t do it, and you need to shout and scream about your work events. Vent to a friend, partner or family member, and really get it off your chest. A listening ear is always a reassuring one!

3:  Read a book 
Immersing yourself into a different world can distract from the troubles of the real. Nothing is more immersive than a good old book! Whether its a hour long read, or a quick 20 min power scan can help start the evening off on a better note.

4: Run a bath 
What can’t a bath correct? Some good old bubbles and bath salts can not only de-stress you from the world of work, it gives you 20 mins to look after your skin. Close the door, light some candles and

5: Cuddle 
If all else fails, a good cuddle is always the best medicine. A friend, family member or your partner is always a good cuddle buddy.

So whether your boss has peed you off, or a customer is ‘always right’, remember it’s not worth the stress, nor your evening at home relaxing. Unwind, take a breather and remember, tomorrow is another day.

What do you do ti unwind from work?

Anything I should try? 

Let me know and comment below!!

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