How to | Plan a Hen-do

How to | Plan a Hen-do

Dolls, is there anything better than a hen do with your best gal pals, copious amounts of alcohol, some different location and of course an array of penis related props of some sorts.

No, exactly, that’s why, planning the perfect hen-do can be a hard task to undertake, especially when the pressure of making it the best ever for the bride can begin to mount.

Whether you are a bridesmaid, maid of honour or even the bride, knowing where to start and what you need to do to prepare is key. That’s why, I’ve put together a ‘checklist’ almost of things to do when planning the hen-do!

Talk to the bride
She is the most important person in this whole process, so have a little chat and de-brief with the bride-to-be. Find out what she wants from her hen-do, including activities, location, and of course people. Many brides, including myself, like surprises, so get as many ideas as possible, so you don’t have to bug her, or give her any idea what you’re planning!

**Tip** Get her to create a ‘must have’ list to make sure you don’t skim past something she really wanted!! 

Create a guest list 
Do this with the bride-to-be ideally, but gather a guest list of everyone and anyone your bride wants to celebrate with. Create categories if you must, especially if some activities are more suited for a portion of the guests. No use inviting good old nanna Doreen to marbella for a pub crawl!

Allocate a budget 
Start a group chat or gather the other maids to establish what everyone is happy to pay. There is no point planning an elaborate getaway if no one is prepared to buck the cost! Don’t be afraid to ask the question, and remember to account for everyone who would be involved.

You’ve got all the starting blocks (above) to start brainstorming amongst yourselves a good old do! Cover all bases, and the bride’s must have list, to make sure you include all the necessities. Don’t even think about going over budget. There is nothing better than telling all you’ve come in under budget!

Once you’ve got a couple concrete ideas that could work. research research research. There are lots of online agents that can help with booking the perfect do, whether in the UK or across the pond! Don’t forget to try and book things yourself, as many times, it comes out much cheaper than a agent will quote.

Book early
Whether its a evening meal, or a trip to London, the earlier you book, the better it is for everyone involved. Booking early will give you all plenty of time to save without worrying too much. Plus you always get good prices booking early!!

Make sure you communicate with the other maids and guest list. Whether it’s via a Facebook group, whatsapp chat or over a coffee, make sure everyone knows what’s going on, what’s needed from them, and what to expect. It will help you in the long run if everyone is fully aware when needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 
Don’t ever be worried to ask for help from fellow maids or friends. There are lots of people who can help and support you through the planning and prep process!

So whether you are planning your own, or your bestie’s future hen do, there are lots of ideas, helps and tips out there to make it the best, and a little easier to organise.

Have you planned a Hen Do? 

Have any tips for Maid of Honours or Bride to bes?

As always, start a conversation and comment below. 

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