Travel | Museums Worth Visiting in London

Travel | Museums Worth Visiting in London

Do you know where I love to visit?


Who doesn’t? The sights, museums, attractions? What is not to love?

I am a history girl. I love learning about the history and culture of our country and others, so it’s no surprise that I adore to go to a good museum, especially in our capital. Since I adore it soo much, I thought I’d share my fav museums I love to visit when going to London! 

Imperial War Museum London

An absolutely stunning and gripping museum taking you through the history of many wars we have endured. A fantastic and harrowing exhibit on the Holocaust gives you the real insight into some of the horrors our world has faced. Not for the faint hearted, but for those wanting to learn and explore the history behind our wars.

Natural History Museum

Take a look at some of the most fascinating creatures that have and still grace our world. Step back and look into the natural history of our world and how it has been shaped into the world we know of today. Whether you are a science nerd or not, you cannot escape the sheer fascination you will encounter in this museum. I still cannot get over the exhibits you stumble across and the sheer volume of artifacts and information you get from one single museum!

Tower of London

Not a complete ‘museum’ as such, but one I find fascinating all the same.  Explore the grounds, dungeons and artifacts that surround the infamous Tower of London. You can even get up close to the crown jewels and get a taste of the history to the Tower of London and those who met their fate there!!

Science Museum

For a little more hands on science and a step into the real and wacky reality of science, head to the science museum. Explore space and how we even managed to venture the small fragment we have. Take a look at some of the rather outdated but huge steps in technology and how science got us there. Again, you don’t have to be a science boff to appreciate the sheer volume of inteligence we as a race have accumplished!

London Dungeon

Some would call this an attraction, I would call it a history lesson and in turn a museum, in some respects. Venture the streets of the London plague, experience the heat from the great fire, and escape Jack the Rippers deathly grasp. All be it it’s pretend, you certainly learn a lot of London’s gruesome history in a more hands on approach. Actors and walk throughs take you on a journey through the dark and gory history of London in a exciting and some times spine tingling way! My all time attraction / museum to visit!!

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