My week on Insta #2

My week on Insta #2

Pals, I did this a long time ago, thoroughly enjoyed the post, and then my Instagram game dropped and my feed was hideous.

I didn’t want to point it out from sheer embarrassment and well, here we are, with a better feed and pics I’m more than happy to shout about!!

I have been busting my gut to get better, more attractive pictures, as well as show a little more insight into what I get up to day to day, and promote my content.

I am super proud how I’ve actually kept it up, and I hate to say I have a theme, because come on, its not all about that – I certainly do have a certain style and way I edit my pictures!

Anywhooo, back to the real reason I’m doing this post – this week!

This week has been ruddy hard, since going back to work after 11 days off seemed like a big hill to climb. But I am pulling through with just a couple of hours till the long weekend starts!! So lets start from the top shall we?

Hygge – The whole idea of autumn is just keeping me sane through the last trashy days of summer. I wouldn’t even call this summer but hey ho! Re-reading Hygge is getting me all prepared for colder nights with candles, fluffy blankets and cosy movies!

University Prep – I’m not off to uni at all, but many of you are in just a couple of weeks. Since I have been re-visiting some of my old posts and realised there is a lot of untold truths regarding university, as well as help, tips and advice. So September will be filled with lots of Uni posts, and this weeks, despite not being September, was the kick off!

Wedding Planning – I bang on about it enough, but once again we are planning planning planning. We are now pulling together real ideas and realities and planning when to start making, printing and creating! I am so excited to start getting hands on with the wedding and actually create some bits and bobs for the big day!

Antique Shopping – A real love for both me and my fiancée. We often hit Lewes high street and mingle in all the boutique and antique shops on a Sunday afternoon. Last Friday on a day off, we headed to Lewes, with my fiancées mum too! We didn’t spend as much as we have previously, but we never come away empty handed. I love my Kelloggs milk bottle!

Hever Castle Dreaming – Yes, still dreaming of Hever Castle. We had such a lovely day exploring the Castle and Grounds. Just want to go back and do it all again in the glorious sunshine. If you haven’t already, you can check my photo diary just here.

Lazy Sundays – What is a Sunday if it’s not lazy! A rare selfie from me, although my mug is covering my face! Yes I was still in bed till roughly 12pm!

New skin routine – No shame in admitting my skin is horrific and can be with the switch of a button. I have been fully upfront in admitting I did go on sunbeds for a short while in bid to dry my skin up and banish the blemishes and spots. However, I didn’t like it that much and worked out pretty expensive. I am now back to the drawing board finding a routine that looks after my skin and ultimately gives me the clear skin I desire. I have been trying to get my make-up off as soon as I get home, as well as tone down the excessive make-up and live make-up free at least once a week! Here’s hoping!

Wedding Make up purchase – Whilst we are talking make-up, I purchased my first wedding day piece and where better to start than a good lip colour! I love the shade and it’s just perfect and subtle. I didn’t want anything too bold, or anything that would draw away from everything else like my hair and dress!!

Bed time rituals – There no longer, and hasn’t been for a while actually, a TV in our bedroom. So, when I want to jump into bed and get some rest, but I just can’t shut off, I do grab a good old book. Which is fantastic because I am slowly getting through some that have been gathering dust since Christmas! Not a massive fan of Luckiest Girl Alive, since it seemed really slow and not as gripping as I had hoped. I am on the hunt for some more bedtime reads, so if you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments!

And that’s about it. Not a lot happening since a girls got to work, but many posts all the rest! If you don’t already, you can follow me on Insta to see my stories and posts as soon as they are shared!!

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday – I am sure I will be sharing plenty of pictures on our 3 day weekend adventures!! 

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