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I am not one that takes enough time out to put on a refreshing face mask, relax and treat my skin.

Neither am I one to run a bath with bath salts, bath bombs or even bath oil.

I guess I don’t find enough time, nor the urge to!

But, when I was made aware of Grace and Stella and their gorgeous range of products, I was so intrigued, I had to take a peak and give them a try for myself!

And I am so happy to say I have not been disappointed!!

For someone with troublesome skin, and always worried about trying new products that could disrupt and irritate it, I was a little resilient to give them a go. But nothing ventured, nothing gained right?
I decided to give 3 of their products a go and fill you in on how I got on!

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts £10.00

I don’t usually like bath salts. They either remain rock hard and on the bottom of the tub, or create a grainy residue. Either or I absolutely hate and ruins the whole experience of a relaxing soak!

I was pleasantly surprised to experience a relaxing and calming bath thanks to Grace and Stella’s bath salts. No residue nor hard rocks were left at the bottom of the tub, and left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

I have used the bath salts on several occasions and felt so much more relaxed and better for it. Considering the recent up take in temperature, I suffer from slightly swollen and puffy feet and was relieved to find a bath with the bath salts calmed and reduced the swelling, amongst other things!

What I love the most is the purity they feel. There’s no over powering scent and for me that’s the best kind of products. I always feel a overpowering scent feels artificial and makes me curious as to the effect it will have on my skin.

I am really chuffed with these bath salts and would highly recommend to anyone even dubious of bath salts.

Acne Sheet Mask – Face Mask – £7.95

I do not shy from the fact I am 23 and still suffer from regular breakouts *sigh*. Doesn’t matter what I bloody do, I get regular spots around my mouth, nose, chin and forehead. I regularly use prescribed daily cream to combat aggressive breakouts and keep spots to the minimum. It only just keeps it bearable.

Since I am on the lead up to my wedding, and growing tired of looking like a spotty teenager, I thought I might as well give Grace and Stella’s acne face masks a go!

I have never tried a sheet mask before, only those for 99p that you smear across your face and smell like chocolate.

Once again, a nice subtle scent wafted from the face mask, and once again the product felt reassuringly fresh and pure.

I left the mask on for roughly 30 mins , peeled off and rubbed in any remaining serum. My skin instantly felt refreshed, hydrated and troubled areas had reduced redness and irritation.

 My skin felt like this the very next day, and despite not putting on any prescribed cream, I didn’t suffer from any new breakout arrivals.

I have since used the masks a further 3 times and I’m pleasantly surprised my skin has neither reacted negatively to the mask and in fact is working well to reduce redness and frequency of breakouts.

Each box contains 6 sheet masks, and if used weekly, would last you a week and a half.

I would highly recommend these masks to anyone suffering from breakouts. They don’t contain any hidden nasties, and in fact contain very natural blemish fighting ingredients like Salicylic acid! 

Baby Foot Peel Pedicure Mask – £8.95

I was ruddy eager to give this a try, I completely forgot to photograph the product!

My feet get really really dry at the best of times. Whether its because I’m wearing flip flops or dolly flats, they do take a battering. Like I imagine many of us do, I can get rather embarrassed when getting my tootsies out, and try and avoid whenever I can.

After having a look at the product and reading such rave reviews, I had to give it a go and see whether it could work it’s magic on mine.

I followed in the instructions and wore the thin ‘booties’ for the recommended hour. Afterwards, my feet felt a little softer, but it wasn’t until a week or so later I felt and saw the real results.

For up to a week after using the product, you go through the peeling process, where dead skin removes naturally. This process was a little odd, as your feet do feel dry and scaly, however the results after are well worth a couple of days worth of peeling.

It’s easy to think the product hasn’t worked, as it does take a couple of days for the skin to peel, but it certainly gets rid of dead skin you didn’t even know you had!

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for baby soft feet, since it works absolutely wonders !!

Overall, I am so chuffed with the products I have tried so far from Grace and Stella and would highly recommend to anyone looking for products full of natural products that work and do not irritate the skin!!

Have you given their products a try? 

Fancy giving them a go? 

Let me know and comment below! 

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