Beauty | The product that helps take my make up off in a flash!

Beauty | The product that helps take my make up off in a flash!

You know what I love?

Something that does exactly what it says it will.

No messing around, straight to the point and simple.

Yeah, that’s what I love!

So when I have a make-up remover that doesn’t do exactly what it’s meant to do, I get ruddy annoyed. Like really bloody annoyed.

I’ve had this plenty of times, including make-up wipes which you have to use half a pack of just to get last nights eye liner off from underneath my bags!
Garnier have always impressed me with their range of products, including the micellar water. If I’m completely honest, I’m not 100% sure why I stopped purchasing, but it had something to do with switching super markets and well some places just don’t stock those products.

A couple of weeks ago, when purchasing some other products from a local store, I noticed the new products within Garnier’s range which caught my eye. I love micellar water, however me being a real lazy girl, I didn’t like having to still wash my face after removing my make up because it didn’t quiet get everything.

But their new gel wash is perfect. Apply to your already wet face, work into your skin and watch the make up roll off. Whats even better, is easy on your skin and makes it left feeling ultra smooth, soft and refreshed.  My skin has always be super sensitive, so using new products always makes me nervous.

All I have recieved from this product is compliments from my other half, and how soft it leaves my skin!
This micellar gel generally gets me excited to finish work, get home and get the make-up off!  I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Have you used this product before? 
Any products I should be trying? 
Be sure to share your thoughts below!  

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