Travel | UK Hot spots for a long weekend away

Travel | UK Hot spots for a long weekend away

Since we are in the last month of Summer, and have just one last bank holiday left until ruddy Christmas, I think you can agree we all need to make sure we make the most of it and at least plan something – anything!

I wish I was one of those few who can just jump on a plane, jet to an exotic European city and soak up some last rays of sunshine before Autumn settles in, but I’m not. I’m planning a bloody wedding and budget doesn’t accommodate ad hock weekends away to de-stress – if only! 

So if you’re like me and looking for a quick pit stop, somewhere not too far, expensive yet rewarding, then I have a good couple of places you can catch a breather, where ever you are in the UK, or want to visit.
South East 

Sussex – My home, but I’m no way biased. There is plenty to keep you occupied in Sussex, from medieval castles, low lying country villages, and bustling cities. It’s fairly vast, so choose where you stay wisely depending on where you want to explore.

Cotswold’s – A pretty rural part of the country offering rolling hills, grassland and thatched medieval villages. If you fancy a rural retreat with over 100 miles of walking trails on your doorstep, the Cotswold’s is the place to go! Plus, you’ll get some gorgeous insta worthy pics too!!


Canterbury – Another city with encapsulating Roman walls, cathedral, cobbled streets and timber framed buildings a plenty. If you’re not too keen on the history aspect, Howlets is just a stones throw away!

South West 

Salisbury – A medieval city with beautiful and ornate architecture. Venture to Stone Henge or mooch around the gorgeous Cathedral and soak up the true atmosphere of Salisbury. It offers you the perfect balance of city and countryside some times needed when catching a break. Whatever you fancy, Salisbury has you sorted!

Exeter –  Another city bursting with history. This ancient city lies on the bank of River Exe nestled in the heart of the South West. The Roman era city has a castle, cathedral and city walls – plenty to fill your boots if you like culture and history!! There’s even vaulted, medieval underground passages that snake under the city. Want a history lesson with some gorgeous scenery? Go, go go!!


I don’t think there is a bad spot to stay in THE CITY , especially in a city where there is so much to do in such a wide net, you won’t be disappointed in whatever and where-ever you stay.


Warwickshire – The birthplace of William Shakespeare teaming with history and rural areas to explore and enjoy. I have always wanted to visit this gorgeous part of the country, especially since Warwick Castle has plenty to offer, including dungeons!

Oxford – It may be known for its prestigious university, but this city has plenty to offer outside of education. If you ever seen The Theory of Everything (and if you haven’t, by god do it now!), you’ll know the pure beauty this city offers. Take a little boat ride down the central river and explore local sites, streets and even castle!!

Birmingham – With it’s industrial revolution history, Birmingham is a very different city from all those others I have mentioned. But, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy in and around Birmingham. Cafes and bars line Sherbourne Wharf, and plenty of museums and galleries can keep you entertained. Including Cadbury World!!


Manchester – Not just a football powerhouse, but a culture one also. With lots of activity centres, museums and shopping malls, anyone and everyone can have a good break away from home in Manchester.

Liverpool – The birthplace of The Beatles, trace the steps of the bands early years in local pubs and bars. Aside from the Beatles reference, Liverpool is pretty maritime city offering culture and history.

Our country is riddled with culture, history and gorgeous places to visit. It shames me to say I really haven’t explored enough of my home soil just yet. Bank holiday weekends make the perfect time to get out, visit a city or county you never have, and learn more of our beautiful country.

If you’re wondering how to book a good break away in the UK, or have no idea where to even start, don’t worry, I’m posting a post next week on how to do it the easy way, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Are there some places I should have noted? 
Going somewhere lovely this bank holiday weekend? 
Start some natter below in the comment section! 

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