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Wedding Wednesday is occurring every week by the looks of things, right up until my day. We still have so much to cover and since I’m well under way with my planning, there is so much we need to look into. 

This week, I thought we’d get straight back to small aspects of the wedding you tend to forget when booking venues, catering and cars. 

Guest books. Its the ultimate tradition and one I adore. I love the idea of somewhere your guests can leave a message, and one you can look back over for years to come.
Since wedding accessories are getting forever more creative, so is a guest book. I decided to compile together lots of different ideas you can incorporate on your special day. 

traditional but personalised guest book 

There is nothing better than the classic guest book with ample space and oppertunity for your guests to leave their special message. Personalise with your wedding date engraved on the front and you have the ultimate keep sake from your special day. Just leave a pen and the guests will do the rest.

Here are a couple I adore and are easy on the purse strings!


Date Night Lolly Sticks 

Leave a empty jar, multi coloured lolly sticks and a sharpie. Leave guests to write a date night activity onto the lolly and pop into your pre-prepared jar. It’s a perfect keepsake, and one you can use across the first year of married life!!

A fingerprint tree

Is there anything more unique and personal than your fingerprint? So what better way for guests to leave their imprint than on actual paper with a fingerprint tree!! Grab a couple of ink pads, variant in colours, and a print with your names and date addressed. You can find unique and quirly designs personalised to you, and your guests just leave their fingerprints above. The perfect, quirky and personalised alternative to a guest book you will cherish for years to come.

Here’s some of them in action, don’t they look wonderful?!


Puzzle Piece Board 

For fellow puzzle enthusiasts like me, you will love this very personal and unique guest book. Leave your puzzle board dismantled for guests to grab a piece and sign. When you come to reading through the messages, make up the puzzle ready for framing. A super cute and quirky guest book alternative for sure!! Plus gives you another puzzle to put together!!

A signed picture frame

Again, another guest book alternative you can frame and cherish for years to come. Leave a canvas bare, with some sharpies alongside and guests have free reign to leave kind words and messages. Beware, some guests aren’t as neat as others, nor so sweet!


A Drop box 

You know the kind where guests sign wood chunks which are dropped into a quirky frame. I love these guests books, and again leave you as a couple with something you can display with pride in your home.
Personalise with names, dates and even pictures to give it that real personal feel.

Here’s some I’ve found and fallen in love with! 



Leave a polaroid camera for guests to selfie snap and write a caption on. Whether they peg the pic on a tree or stick into a guest book, it’s completely up to. But it’s a unique way to combine ‘photobooth’ esque and the traditional guest book into one! It will sure get some giggles when you look back a couple of weeks after your wedding!!

So whether you want to keep it simple, quirky or be a little different, there are ample alternatives for every wedding couple. Be orignal and creative if you feel it, your guests will leave their heartfelt messages where possible. 

What will you use? 

Any alternative ideas I should feature? 

Let me know and comment below!

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