Wedding | Wedding Insurance, yes or no?

Wedding | Wedding Insurance, yes or no?

Did you know wedding insurance existed?

Nope, not many did before research or someone was nice enough to mention it.

When I was first introduced, I was rather sceptical, since most insurance is hoopla and pointless. I didn’t want to spend some money on insurance when I felt it was unnecessary, I probably wouldn’t need it and it’s just another expense to add to the ever growing list.

However, as I considered it more and more, I realised I could be being a little silly.
Wedding insurance, like any, can seem over the top and un-needed. However, as you may well know, your special day is costing quiet a lot of dolla, and that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Whenever something else crops up to pay for, your nose turns up and you have to think whether its really worth it. So do you really want to risk losing all that hard earned money due to liquidation of a company or the burning down of your venue?

Of course, they are the worse case scenarios, and no one wants to imagine that happening when trying to organise and save for a wedding, but it certainly is a possibility – anything can happen after all!

The reality is, whilst these are all possibilities, you should well consider covering your back with wedding insurance.

So how does it work? Well…..

Unlike other insurances, you have a one off, upfront payment, which differs in price depending the level of cover you would like, and how much you would like to insure for. This covers from the time of taking the insurance out, till the day of your wedding and can be purchased up to two years before your wedding!

Many wedding insurers offer different levels depending on your wedding budget. This means, heaven forbid, if you were to lose everything you booked or paid out for, the insurer would cover the whole amount lost!

Your insurance can cover various different aspects of your day, including venue or supplier cancellation, lost, stolen or damaged wedding rings, flowers, outfits, cake ect , or even cancelling because key people can’t make it due to illness, accident or death!

Every insurance is different, but a general rule of thumb is they cover those listed above.

The main thing to consider when looking into Wedding insurance is if you’d be left out of pocket if anything were to go wrong! If so, Wedding insurance is well worth a look and can offer peace of mind should anything go wrong mid planning!

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