Weekly Update | Busy Bee

Weekly Update | Busy Bee

Hay Dolls.

I wasn’t going to post twice in one bloody day, but with the recent splurge of activity and lack of time, I thought I’d drop you a quick line to describe why on earth posts have been posting half finished and why I’m rather ‘silent’ on social media – soz! 

All in all, I have been poorly, and busy, and overwhelmed. We had the busiest weekends on record with the wedding of my future sister-in-law just last week. Without meaning to, most of the family were running around for a solid 5 days preparing before the big day, and the big clean up after. The effort the whole family went to was wonderful, and whilst I wasn’t part of the prepping so to speak, as I was working, I saw the full force of everything it entailed when we had to tidy and pack away on the Sunday morning.Who knew so much time, love and effort went into one day, and from so many people too!

Aside from the wedding prep, we had family stay for the wedding, and of course that included hosting. It’s hard work making sure your home is clean for a solid 5 days, especially when you and your fiancĂ©e like to live a little slob like from time to time.

And I was poorly, for a good week. Not enough to make me unable to work or function, but enough to be frustrated, tired, upset and ruddy emotional. I’ll tell you, my appetite dropped that one meal was enough for a whole day. As you can imagine I was a little concerned, but I seem to be back on track in time for a good week off work and exploring local scenery.

Whilst going away was on the agenda, wedding planning of our own and pure laziness has driven us to stay local, and unsociable and I have never been so excited. Hello long walks, local attractions and turning off the phone!!

But have no fear, there will be plenty of content to keep you guys occupied, and whilst I say no phone, be prepared for instagram pictures a plenty!!

So here’s to tomorrow, another wedding and the start of my ‘summer’ time off!! Sorry for the lack of real content and interaction!

Have a good one!! 

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