Weekly Update – Sorry

Weekly Update – Sorry

Morning Gals & Pals,

It’s been a while since I have been *fully* respondant on my blogging platform – soz about that!

Quick question, are there ever enough hours in the ruddy day? No? Didn’t think so!

So as you probably know, since I’ve blabbed about it over every social networking platform imaginable, I had some well deserved time off last week with my boo. Since we have been regular wedding guests for the last couple of weeks, we were both exhausted and looking for some down time, with little to no effort required.

We found it, and thankfully fairly close to home, in a range of places, all of which I will be showcasing on my blog over the coming weeks, if I pull my finger out my bum and get cracking on!

I have may I add, been quick off the mark with my Hever Castle post ( which can be found here >> PHOTO DIARY  if you haven’t already read it), which is an amazement to me too since I have been ruddy terrible with my blog lately.

Truth be told, I have been cocky with my ‘scheduling’ skills of late and was being a little bit over confident in myself and how ‘easy’ I was making everything.

BUT, my half written posts, and ones not even started on have been swiftly moved from scheduled to the draft folder far to often than I would like to admit, and well the content that I had hoped you all would have enjoyed already is now on the back burner – whopps.

I feel I need a week off to catch up from the week off I have had!!


Whilst I had hoped this was going to be I had an amazing time and yes my blog survied my absence, it kinda didn’t and I guess I’m saying sorry.

So please bear with me as I play catch up over the next couple of days.

I promise I will be back to ‘normal’ pretty sharpish.

In the meantime, be sure to keep eyes and ears peeled as there is plenty of new content to look out for and some exciting new ventures coming from a life of a charlotte!!

Have a lovely tuesday you lot!

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