Lifestyle | What they don’t tell you about University

You’ve received your results and you’re on your way to university.


You’re mega excited of course. This is the sign of freedom, pure and utter freedom!

You’re going to live away from home, and the clutches of your parents who can no longer tut and mutter when you awake at midday after a night on the town.

You’ve even heard all the wild stories of messy nights after beer pong and society parties.

Sound about right? This is all I heard whenever I talked to anyone regarding uni.

But, there’s a couple of things you probably haven’t been told. Don’t worry, I’m not going to scare you off uni, but just educate you a little more, since you know, you need to go with eyes wide open right??
It’s expensive
Might be pointing the obvious, but you will be eating copious amounts of Tesco Value beans because suddenly branded items seem megaaaa expensive. 24p a can? Yes Please!! 

Food shopping starts off as fun, ends a drag. 
“Food shopping, yes please! I get to choose what I actually eat and cook for myself”. First time is always a feel good trip. There after its downhill I’m afraid. Since when did thinking of 5 meals for a week become so hard?

A tactical chunder will happen, on more than one occasion 
Whether it’s in aid to drink more, make it through the night or even get you through the next day, you will do it. It won’t feel nice at the time, but I promise it will make it better!!

Local nights are a no go
These are the nights where the local young wannabe’s head to town and more times than none, try and hang with the uni students. Stay away from Friday & Saturday nights to avoid

House mates will steal food and / or cutlery

Probably both at least once, because you all become lazy bums who can’t be asked to wash even a fork in order to eat your next meal. What’s the point when there’s clean cutlery ready to use, like yours!

You will miss the majority of your morning lessons / seminars 
Because you will be a hungover mess from the night before. OR, you binged so much Netflix during the night with your house mates, a 9am seminar really isn’t on the top of your agenda. OR, even better, you’ve told yourself you deserve a lay in since you are a student after all. All I can say, you should make it your mission to at least make one!

You can actually live on just 2 meals a day
Not highly recommendable, but you will learn this yourself when you are in the library 22 hours in one day to cram in for your exam, or start and finish that 10,000 word essay you’ve had over 2 months to do and haven’t had time to eat 3 meals.
2 Meals will suffice, but again, not recommendable!

Or even Super Noodles! 
You will probably live off super noodles because god damn they taste good, take next to no time to make and they’re ruddy cheap! When these don’t tickle your fancy soo much any more, you will resort to a pasta dish including, but not restricted to the following : Cheesy Pasta, Pesto Pasta, Tomato Pasta or Ketchup Pasta.

You’ll either lose, break or have your phone stolen!
Or maybe do all 3 throughout your life at uni. Word of strong advice, whilst it may not be equipped with Insta and Facebook, if you really are going for heavy nights, you might want to grab yourself a cheap £10 phone, so you’re not too upset when it goes missing!

You will probably put on weight – and then become a gym geek! 
There are always these people, and it may just be you. Those that put on a load of weight in the first couple of months, because beer and nachos, but then figure it’s probably best to get back to pre-university weight, and better. So you join a gym, watch your calories and may even take protein. All part of uni life – apparently.

As a post grad, or even a current university student, you may completely agree or even disagree with me on some or all of these points. But you know what, it’s okay, it’s just what I found when studying!

Every Uni is different, and so is every student, every year!

Are you a student, or going to university? 

Experienced any of these? 

Have I missed something off the list ? 

Let me know and comment below!!
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