Five FREE Date Night Alternatives

Since the evenings are quickly becoming darker and colder, going out for evening walks and enjoying the setting sun isn’t exactly on the agenda.

Whilst you can defiantly go about and wander the seafront in a evening, there are a couple of other FREE bits and pieces you and your other half can get up to.
Netflix & Chill 
Is there anything better than a Netflix & Chill evening on a cold autumn night? NO! Plenty of films and good tv series to binge watch together. Grab some snacks, ice cream and fizzy and make a real night of it!

Cooking Together 
Nothing says teamwork like making dinner together. So grab your favourite wine, and get cooking something you may never had before together. It’s a great date night alternative to bond, have a laugh and create a yummy meal.

Create a Den 
You probably haven’t created a man made den from old bed sheets, pegs and cushions since you were 10, but who said you have to stop when you’re a little older. Be a kid again with your partner, create a den in your living room, put on a cosy film and snuggle down. I promise you’ll have way more fun than you realise!

Play a board game 
Or do a puzzle. Playing a game or doing a puzzle together can be a great alternative, especially when you’re both looking for some time together away from electronics and social media. Settle down, put some background music on and work together creating the puzzle or work against each other in a good old board game.

Console evening 
And by console I mean game console. Similar to the above, but more suited for couples who possibly don’t have board games or puzzles!

Go for a walk
I may have criticised this above, and purely because it can get damn cold, but if you’re brave, then bare the wind and get some fresh air. You’ll probably talk a lot and giggle a little – what’s more romantic than that!

So whether you’re saving money or cutting back on doing the same things, why not give some of these a try! 

What do you like doing on date night? 

Do you have anything Free to share? 

Let me know, and comment below! 

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