Five mistakes you will make in your first year at uni!

I don’t like to pretend I know all about university, because I don’t. But I did move away from home, head off to further education and essentially balls up some of the opportunities I could have nabbed if I had maybe put a level head on!

But we mustn’t dwell on the past ay!

I will hold my hands up, accept my responsibility and admit I really did scupper my university degree. I didn’t drop out, and I did come away with a degree, but It could have been much better and I could have used my time more wisely, instead of abuse the freedom the place gave me!

To refrain from sounding too like your mum, I won’t go on too much, but you should be aware, you’ll make some mistakes during your first, second and third year at uni. It’s just realising you have, accepting responsibility and moving on.
Here’s what I mean :

You’ll miss loads of lessons. 
It’s inevitable. You’ll lay in bed as your alarm is sounding running through all things you will now be doing before you end back in the comfort that is bed once again. And yeah it doesn’t sound and seem too appealing. So you’ll stay in bed this one time, because you promise yourself you’ll go to the next lesson. Thing is, you won’t. And before you know it, you’ve missed a whole term of lessons and now you’re well behind.

You won’t go to lessons there after because it’s too hard to confront the mountain of work you now have to tackle if you want to be back on track. You’ll miss a whole year and you’ll regret it, I promise.

Get up, go, show your face and learn. You’re paying a heck of a lot of money for it!!

You’ll think you can sail through 1st year.
Everyone does, because you only need 40% pass to get onto second year. And you are frequently reminded that 1st year doesn’t count. And it doesn’t! But it will set you up for the following 2 years where it does count!!

Don’t add stress to yourself un-necessarily in the following years because you didn’t commit in first year. Apply yourself now and it will pay off!

You’ll get far tooo drunk 
Whilst university isn’t all about the education, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun, but the thing is, when you get too drunk, you don’t go to university and some of the times, you make a real tit out of yourself.

Don’t be the fool everyone is gossiping about round halls, be the fun gal who has a laugh but knows how to handle herself!!

Leave everything to the last minute 
Essays, revision, washing up, cooking, reading. The list is endless.
Living life on the edge may sound and feel risky, but once again you are adding extra strain and pressure to yourself for no real rhyme or reason! Get in first, start early and leave yourself plenty of time to apply yourself properly.

I cannot express how I regret leaving work till the last minute. I always felt like I had cheated myself out of a real opportunity to get a good grade and prove myself.

Spend too much money
Another silly mistake many many students get themselves into. Student Overdrafts! Whilst the trips to New Look, H&M and Zara are all fun and games, and you look like a sassy student, paying it off after the degree isn’t so fun!

Neither is working night and day to keep your head above board! Over spending and committing to overdrafts and loans adds once again more stress and pressure! Uni is hard enough as is, without having money issues.

Speak to professionals if you are struggling with budgeting, and put aside some time to budget effectively for bills, food and basic essentials!

I hope I haven’t sounded too like your good old mum, and sometimes when I look at the students heading off to University, I feel bloody old.

But honestly, I wish I could tell my younger self these couple of points. I may have come away with a better grade degree, or even without a student overdraft!

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