Blogging | Five Things you need to hear as a blogger

As a blogger, there is a lot going on. Whilst it may seem like we just take pics and write a few words, we all know there is a lot more to it.

We are creating, managing and supporting our own brand essentially. And doing that alongside a regular job, and a social life is tough going.

So when we feel a little lonely because the internet is being a little touchy, or things aren’t going quiet how you liked, it can be hard to understand why on earth we are all doing this when there are so many others plugging away, and apparently succeeding.
You’re not alone 
There are lots of us here, and yes we are all trying to do the same thing. Whether we do it because it’s a passion, a means to a end, or actually it will work out favourably in our future careers, we all essentially have the same goal – do it and be successful.

But remember, you are not alone. Not alone in this community, nor alone doing this daily. It can be lonely when friends, family and our better half’s just think it’s a little hobbie on the side. Especially when you crave professional acknowledgement and opportunities.

Reach out to fellow bloggers. We’re not all dragons here! We would all love to hear from others who are in the same boat, feeling how we do, and able to support one another in a way family & friends may not be able to.

Hard work pays dividends 
This comment makes me just think of Monopoly – but anyway. Hard work does bloody pay off. So when it all gets a little too much or you question if it’s worth it, remember why you are doing what you are and where it will get you in the end. Continue doing what you are and putting the effort in.
If it’s getting too much, take a step back and re-evaluate. It’s okay to say it’s too much and take back time for yourself!

Nothing happens overnight  
Unfortunately this one is true. You may have created some stonking posts, accompanied by your best photography skills, as well as plugged on every social media account with every possible hash tag. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get 2000 views and L’Oreal asking you to be their ambassador the next morning.

These things do take time. Keep going, keep plugging and keep working your butt off. You will get there and others will see your hard work and dedication for what it is soon enough!

It pays to be different – Be Original
It’s easy to slip into the background and be like every other blogger available on the market, and that is just fine! But so is being different!

Having a different layout, photography style, topic coverage, social media presence, it’s all part of you. Don’t be scared to show yourself on your blog, neither step away from the ‘norm’. You will stand out from the crowd and others will recognise you for your originality.

Don’t be scared to try different deliveries, ideas and topics neither. Vlogs started somewhere and now look how many others have incorporated them. It’s okay for them to go wrong and go back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow is another day 
There is always tomorrow as the elders say.

And there is.

Not got the page views today? Your newest post doesn’t have any comments? Your instagram engagement at rock bottom? There is always tomorrow. And the next day and the next. Keep going, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. You will get there in the end, this is all part of the learning journey!

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