A Wedding Update

How on Earth are we in the latter days of September?!?!

This week I thought I would update you on how my own wedding planning and prep is going. It seems with every week that goes by I discover more fellow bride-to-be bloggers, and friends that are in the same boat as me, and as much as I love reading their journeys, I thought I’d share my own a little more.

We are now under 10 months away, and nearing less than 300 days until me and ‘A’ become man and wife.  I literally cannot believe how quickly these months are now going!

But it still sounds a lot right?

That’s what I thought, until me and my ma started on creating the aisle arch, as well as jotting down what else is needing to be made, and I realised maybe 10 months wasn’t enough. Every Saturday or Sunday my fiancĂ©e and dad are out watching football, me and mum get together to address little bits and pieces, as well as discuss details of decorations and more.
And with every get together, our DIY list seems to get bigger and bigger. Whilst I love the idea of creating lots of the decorations and aspects of the wedding, all of a sudden it seems we are running out of weekends, months and time to put it all off. Real decisions are being made and slowly but surely, the decorations are coming together.

Most of the main aspects have now been decided on, thank god! As I have already mentioned in previous posts, there is only so long you can trawl through Pinterest and think of ideas. There comes a time decisions have to be made on what you will do yourself and I am quickly deciding on what will and won’t be included in our day. 

Since we are getting married outside in a Boathouse, we have decided on incorporating the surrounding scenery and colours entirely with our theme. So the greenery theme was one of the easiest and first decisions that was made. Of course, white roses and flowers will accompany the greenery, and scatters of pink throughout to bring a little colour and break up the green and white.

As mentioned, we will create much of the decorations ourself, which will incorporate greenery and white flowers. Currently, we are aiming to create a greenery arch for the top of our aisle, several sprays for the ceremony area and other arrangements for the remaining venue. We are also creating rustic bunting of Hessian and lace for the driveway up to the house, as well as 3 greenery hoops for the marquee. Other small DIY aspects include the usuals like wedding favours, centrepieces and name places.

Whilst I would love to share all aspects of the wedding, I do want to keep some bits a little secret, since it should be a surprise for my guests. I will be sure to post plenty of posts following the wedding including everything DIY and decorations.

I think we have pretty much covered every basis we need to. Venue, registrar, caterer, photographer, florist, decorations and wedding dress has all been booked and accounted for. Whilst I understand there is other areas we haven’t covered, like bridesmaid dresses, grooms-man, rings ect, I am pretty satisfied on what we have booked, and how much time we have to consider the other aspects.

There have been plenty of times throughout the whole planning process I have seriously questioned why we are doing what we are. I am all for having the day you want, but sometimes, just sometimes, it really is lost on the real reason why you in fact have a wedding day.
Family members can become difficult with their demands, and whilst at one stage, we were striving for perfection, we have realised however much we plan, spend or invest in the day, it will never be perfect. There will be hiccups along the way. It’s all about bubble wrapping it so the hiccups and mishaps are more part of the day, than the ruin-er or the day.

It really is about you two, man and wife, and what you want from the day. I really am realising, you don’t need to spend the earth, but if you want to, that’s okay too.
We have both realised we are wanting to save on some areas we thought we needed, and use the money on other aspects of 2018 like trips away after the wedding.
Consider what you and your partner want from the day and base it just on that. Don’t over think the wedding and bit’s you ‘must’ have. There were plenty of weddings back in 1999 that didn’t have lawn games, photo booths or sparklers to keep guests entertained, and weddings still rocked.

So after all this long rant of a wedding post, I strangely feel relieved and relaxed in what we are doing for our wedding. Whilst we have a bloody lot to do, and creating is going to have to start sharpish, I am so happy we are finally realising it is just about us. And it couldn’t come at a better time, before we booked and made decisions based on others.

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