Autumn is Coming | Why you should be excited

Autumn is Coming | Why you should be excited

I will not deny that I have been ever so excited for September to arrive so I can officially say Autumn is near!!

I love autumn!

The changing colours, colder nights and urge to light as many candles as humanly possible without burning the house down!

P E R F E C T .

I do understand many of you will now be mourning the passing of Summer. And yes, I know summer isn’t ‘offically’ over until the 20 something of September, but come on, the sudden down pour of rain and blistery afternoons say otherwise!

So for those of you who are saddened by the passing of warmer days, I’ve written this list of why you should be bloody excited for the Autumn!

Warming food
Like Casseroles and pies. With lots of hot gravy and yorkshire puddings! Gone are the days of just eating cold salad because that’s all you could bear, there’s plenty of meals you can now enjoy and gorge on! 

Hot chocolate and Marshmellows 
There isn’t a specific band of the year you can only enjoy a good hot choco, but it’s a little weird to have in the height of summer. Get your bum down your nearest super market and stock up on all the best wintery flavours including hazlenut and choco orange! Yum! 

Cosy nights under a soft blanket 
What is better than Netflix and chill under the twilight of candles and a super soft blanket? Exactlyyyyy!! Be super excited people, there is so much to watch and enjoy this autumn!

Candles, every where, every night 
Who doesn’t love a good candle to warm and cosy down of a evening. Especially when they waft the aroma of Autumn, whether it be sweet cinamon or orange zest. My good old friends at Yankee candle hit me up. My personal fav is Vanilla Frosting!! 

And lots of them! Whether it be with blankets or clothing, I love the colder weather for adding layers. T-shirts, jumpers and large scarfs are a personal favorite!

Staying in  
You never have to feel bad about choosing to stay in, especially when it’s cold and brisk outside. Be lazy. catch a new tv series and snuggle, it autumn!!

TV is better 
Any by better I mean muchhhh better. The good old producers of ITV and BBC know as its colder, we are snuggling down and watching TV. So the TV choices is much better, and I’m so ruddy excited. Give me I’m a Celeb and XFactor!!

So whether you are a mad lover of all things Autumn, or not, I hope this post has jeered you up a little, since autumn is bloody brilliant!!

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