Best places to shop for Uni room Decor

You’ve probably moved in and looking around your new uni room thinking god this place is bleak.

Truth be told most of them are and really lack personality.

The good old magnolia walls with either blue, or green carpet. Or even better, the grubby plain blinds that scream office workplace!

But have no fear, it’s not all doom and gloom. It can take just a couple of soft home furnishings to turn your bleak, boring and bland uni room into a haven of colour and comfort.

Here’s the best places around to get gorgeous home wares, that won’t break the bank, nor your student loan!!

It’s always my go to place when looking for new furniture or furnishings for my home. It’s reasonably priced, good quality and on trend all year round.

I love their range of fabrics that make the perfect wall hangings and can add that pop of colour and personality to your room without having to drill any holes!

Their soft furnishings of blankets, cushions, lamps, candles and flowers are very competitively priced and won’t leave you penniless. Their candles smell amazing, last really well and are only 85p!

Don’t get too carried away with the gorgeous showrooms, other wise you’ll need another loan to cover the Ikea haul!

Unfortunately, when I was uni room decor shopping 5 years back, I didn’t have a wilko close by, and so never experienced the full force of Wilko home until moving into my own place.

Catch your flowers, bedding, candles and accessories at your local Wilko’s.

They range is fantastic and once again really reasonably priced too!

If you’re looking for individual pieces and quirky accessories, you need to check out TKMax / Homesense.

With one of the largest ranges in home accessories and furnishings, it’s always worth looking.

Not everything is cheap, but if you look hard enough, you can find some real gems!! Be sure to keep going back as their range differs every week!

I love Sainsbury and their home range. It’s the best supermarket home section available and covers soft furnishings suitable for any uni room. It’s a little steep in price on some things, but you surely can find some gorgeous pieces that will really add some character to your room!

The Range 
What can’t you get in The Range? Exactly. Whatever you are looking for, they have it including fabrics, duvet covers and more. If you really want to kit out your room with everything, you have to go to the Range!

Matalan home has really stepped up a gear, with lots of accessories and bedding for any style! I especially love their range of lighting, from fairy lights to lamps. Matalan is always worth a look, and once again reasonably priced compared to other stores.

Whatever style you are incorporating in your uni room, these pit stops are sure to have what you’re looking for!

Where have you shopped for uni room decor? 

Any places I have missed from the list I should’ve added? 

Let me know and comment below! 
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