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This is the PERFECT Sunday blog post.

We are all guilty of the quick pit stops mid afternoon into our nearest shop for a meal deal because despite promising ourselves we would, we didn’t make ourselves lunch and well, a girls gotta eat!

So, you’re back staring at the fridge wondering what on earth to grab, which will keep you to your no-exsistent diet, and keep your purse from weeping.

Truth be told, nothing in that fridge is going to do either. Boo!
So, the reality is, you should’ve made lunch.

But have no fear! Making a packed lunch doesn’t mean you have to spend half an hour in the morning, nor the evening before slaving away just to save a couple of quid. Oh no! There are plenty of quick, easy, tasty and cheap ways you can eat lunch, without moaning you have to make it!

Bear with me, this is lunch I promise. There is nothing better than cold milk poured over your fav cereal, right in the middle of your working day. The night before, all you need to do is pour your fav cereal into a sandwich bag, or plastic container, and be on your way. Add the milk later obviously or you’ll have some soggy mess!

This is one of those sachet or pot kinda lunches. But, its super easy to transport to work, warming and easy peasy once lunch time comes around. Just simply add boiling water. Perfect for the colder weather – there is nothing more warming that cinnamon flavoured porridge!!

p.s – this one’s slimming too!!

Sandwich thins / sandwich 
More of a classic lunch, a sandwich, roll or even sandwich thin is a real lunch time quick fix. And I promise you can make a good filling homemade sandwich that will give that over priced super market one a real run for it’s money. Grab a sandwich filler and pile it in with some salad and bobs your uncle – easy.

Orrrr, go a little old skool and crack over some ham, slice some cucumber and you have the perfect british sandwich!!

 Whatever the filling, or whatever tickles your pickle, this is a home made sandwich you can calorie count effectively and will taste sooo much better than any shop bought! 

Pasta Salad
This was a go to for both me and my fiancee back in the good days when I pre-cooked pasta the night before. Whilst this is for sure a lazy girls lunch, it does take some night before prep, but bare with, it tastes ruddy good.

Cook some pasta, season with salt and pepper, and lightly coat with mayo or pesto. Pop on top of some bagged salad and you have a very easy pasta salad. Add some meat if prefered, or be megaaaa lazy, and add pre-cooked pasta to a sandwich filler for the ultimate pasta salad flavouring!

Other brands can be bought!
These are ruddy brilliant and peeerrrfffeeecccttt for those cold afternoon lunches. Grab a mug, pour in some boiling water, leave to stand and within 5 you have a sultry, good tasting mug of pasta ready and waiting. Whats even better, you only need a kettle and they’re low in calories.

Many flavours can be found including chicken & sweetcorn, cheese & chow mein!

P.s – Aldi’s own, whilst lacking in as many flavours, are just as nice, if not better!!

Gronola with fruit  
Another favorite of mine and my finacee and again another option we embarked on for about 2 months before I stopped night before prepping.

This one is a little easier however.

Use frozen fruit and layer at the bottom of a container. Add some plain yogurt, or flavoured, up to you. Top your yogurt with gronola and bobs your uncle you have a super refreshing lunch which will keep cool all day.

Best bit is, that fruit will be super juicy by morning!

This is ruddy brilliant.
And cheap.
And tasty.

This one ticks all the boxes and takes what, 5- 7mins max! Grab your fav shop bought packet of flavoursome couscous. Boil the kettle. Pour into couscous, mix and let soak. Jump in the shower, get ready for bed, stir a little more and bon appetit, your lunch is prepared and you’ve barely even moved.

So many flavours are on offer, and when lunch time comes around, its filling and tasty! Boom, we have a winner!!

So whether you’ve run out of time to make something, or you need some motivation to have your own lunches rather than good old Tesco’s £3.25 meal deal, hopefully this post has spurred you on that there is ample of options for any lazy girl and their lunch!!

Do you have any go to lazy lunches? 
Something I should give a try? 
Lemme know and comment below!  

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