Free PRINTABLE University Packing Check-list

I know you have already had a earful off me today with my earlier post, however I am gracing you with a handy tool I wish I had when I was moving on out to university.

You may have seen a post from me a couple of years ago, where I gave a handy lil list of things to pack when heading off to University.

Well I’ve decided since so many people commented saying they would be printing, to actually do a FREE printable Check-list for you to scribble on and crumple up if you so wish.

It’s nothing too jazzy, just bloody handy.

So go ahead, check out the new and improved University Check-list you may want to print off and check you do have everything you’ll need!


P.S Vodka isn’t on there, but it is needed!!

Have I missed anything vital on the check-list? 

Are you going to print it off? 

Let me know and comment below!!

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