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It’s the second post in the home-owner diaries and I’m addressing cleaning.

Not because we don’t know the basics of cleaning, but because I certainly was both naive and lazy when it came to cleaning my new home.

Partly because there suddenly was a heck load more cleaning to do at once than ever before. No more mum or dad who will come and do it themselves if left long enough – sigh! 

Starting at the very beginning, I thought we could all do with a friendly reminder what there is to clean in your home, and how often you really should do it.

So let’s get started.
Kitchen worktops 
You probably do this after every cooking session or spillage of your morning coffee, but I mean a real rub down with anti-bac spray and boiling water. This should be done every day to lower the risk or cross-contamination and spreading of germs. I just make sure every evening, before settling down for Dr Foster or GBBO, I give it a quick once-over.

I HATE cleaning the ruddy oven. So grubby and such a greasy job. Ideally, cleaning your oven once a month will get rid of those daily in oven spills, tough grease stains, and burnt in the dirt. Doing this once a month also means a little less elbow grease is needed to give it a clean. Leaving it too long and you’ll have to work mega hard to get it looking remotely good!

Extractor Fan
It’s not something we all think about when doing a major spring clean, but the amount of grease and dirt those things can harbor is incredible. So cleaning it regularly creates a clean cooking environment, as well as less dirt to clean later down the line. I recommend cleaning the cover of your extractor fan every other week. Just giving it a quick wipe down will stop built up oil and grease from collecting and even falling into any food below. 

It’s one of those we clean it when it needs its job. But giving it a wipe over with the anti-bac spray can reduce cross-contamination, as well long-standing odor, stains, and spillages. Cleaning your fridge every other month will make sure your fridge looks fresh and as new all year round. 

Unfortunately, cleaning machines need cleaning too. And cleaning the likes of your dishwasher regularly will help keep it in top form at cleaning your glasses, cutlery, and plates. Put it on a hot cycle with no contents every 3 months to clean the filters to ensure it’s working smoothly!

I hate cleaning sinks, seems like a counterproductive chore, since sinks should clean themselves surely? But what baffles me the most is it’s such places like sinks, showers, and baths where the most dirt collects, despite being in constant contact with fresh, cleaning water!
Any ho, cleaning sinks. Has to be done! These should be cleaned once a week to reduce mildew build up, and prevent spreading nasty bacteria on plates, cutlery etc. Bathroom sinks are the same, and should be cleaned once a week.

Draining Board 
How in hell this place gets sooo dirty god knows, but like everything else, it needs cleaning, and regularly. Especially, if like me, you’re not so the 20th century and still wash your dishes by hand. Cleaning this every other day will make sure your hard work of scrubbing dishes won’t be for nothing since your draining board will be just as clean!

This is the chore I find myself doing without even realising it cos I HATE dirty hobs! So easy to collect stray stir-fry pieces, oil spiff and more. So me and my OCD like to clean the hob every other day. If you’re a little relaxed, cleaning the hob along with the rest of the kitchen once a week would suffice.

Washing Machine 
Another cleaning product that needs cleaning itself, and you really should do it as often as possible. Keeping your washing machine in tip-top position will make sure your clothes are just as fresh. Using a washing machine detergent every couple of months will ensure your clothes, and the machine is fresh and dandy!

THE Dreaded cleaning aspect. Toilets. Like, why are they not self-cleaning already?! Since we haven’t become that futuristic, we all still need to clean our bogs, and unfortunately for us, pretty often too. You really should be bleaching and scrubbing your loo at least once a week, since skids and germs can build up fast! 

Bath & Shower 
Whilst you’re cleaning your loos and sinks, you might aswell clean your bath & shower. Since like everywhere else, this once again is a nasty area bacteria and germs can gather pretty promptly, especially with all that damp and humidity. Cleaning these at least once a week would be good, but you may just get away from doing it once every two weeks.

Bed Sheets / Covers 
There is nothing worse than sleeping in muggy, smelly sheets. And there is nothing more unhygienic. No one likes making their bed, let alone applying sheets and fiddling with your duvet to fit in the cover. But, thanks to the easy build up of germs and even bugs (yes bed bugs are a real thing), we really should wash our bed sheets often on a high heat.
Washing your sheets every two weeks won’t break the bank in washing costs, and will minimise the risk of bed bugs – no one wants those!!

So whether you have been mega lazy in your cleaning and living a little like a sloth, there’s no shame, but some risk. Get your butt into gear and get cleaning, regularly.
There honestly isn’t anything nicer than a clean home, with fresh sheets!!

Happy Saturday y’all, I’m off to clean!!

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