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I had a little brain wave just the other day when I was contemplating life a lil as a home-owner at 23.

It’s not easy, and sometimes you don’t know what the hell your doing, and sometimes it’s hard to ask for advice.

Parents are bloody great and all, but some times it’s a tad annoying asking them everything, especially when you’re trying to be grown-up. You are a home-owner now after all.

So, since I feel we should look out for each other, and there are some stuff is assumed we ‘should just know’, I thought I’d cover the bits and pieces I’ve either learnt the hard way from, orrrrr I’ve googled because cba asking my mum for more bloody advice!

So let’s start at the basics shall we :

TV Licence 
You need it, on top of you sky, Virgin or BT TV bill. Without a TV licence, legally you cannot watch live TV, nor catch up TV like BBC iPlayer. Beware of this, as you can be fined if caught watching TV without a Licence.

Your boiler should be serviced every year. Without it, you could end up bucking a bigger bill when any on going problems are finally found.  Having it serviced above all else makes sure your boiler is running safely and efficiently. It can even reduce your bills! Don’t take the risk and make sure you get it serviced.

Contents / Building Insurance 
Just like your car, you want to be covered in case anything fundamentally goes wrong to your property, or your possessions within it. Whilst your phone screen cracking or your laptop busting may not be THAT expensive, your roof collapsing due to damage, or kitchen needing replacement due to fire is! Accidents do happen, so be safe and insure your contents and building effectively. If the unfortunate was to happen, it will cover all damages and more, including hotel stays and loss of earnings if damage was severe! Be sure to shop around on price comparison websites to get the best deal!

Life Insurance
Since you now own a home, you do have a lot to pay for even if unfortunately you can’t due to illness, or left the only one to front the bills, if heaven forbid your other half passed away. It’s really important you both get life insurance which will cover any payments you might not be able to make due to illness, redundancy or even death. Be sure to shop around and use price comparison websites to get the best deal.

This and the point previously is a little doom and gloom and I do apologise, however it necessary. Much like Life Insurance, you do have the responsibility of a property among other possessions, so it is necessary to draft a will for both you and your partner in the event of your deaths. We might all be ripe ages now, but you never know when it may be needed. Cover your back and secure your possessions to love ones in case the unfortunate really does happen.

These are just a selection of bits and bobs you may have missed. I understand buying and moving into a place is stressful, so it’s natural to forget things. But it’s important these are things you try and organise fairly swiftly. Leaving things like TV licence can leave you open to fines and even a court appearance, whilst leaving insurance can result in being stung when something goes wrong!

Are you a home-owner? 

Have I missed something off this list? 

Anything else you would like to know as a home-owner yourself? 

Be sure to let me know in the comment section below!

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