The Best Activities to do in the colder weather

It’s getting rather nippy and chilly out there now isn’t it!

Its autumn / winter, and sometimes it seems like there’s not *alot* to do.

Just mooching in the sun is completely off the agenda, and when it’s drizzling and cold, it can be easy to feel like you’re trapped inside your home for a complete weekend.

But have no fear, we brits have come up with some pretty nifty bits and bobs to keep us occupied in the colder weather, and some of them are pretty darn fun!

Probably stating the bloody obvious here, and really is the most popular activities when the weather is piss poor, but hey ho! Top of the list for a reason! We all know movies are sooo much better in the colder months, so get your eyes peeled for movie

Movie Marathon
If you don’t fancy splashing the cash on a cinema trip, cos lets be honest its bloody expensive nowadays, jump on the couch and have a good old movie marathon! Whether you trawl through Netflix or Amazon, or dig out a good classic from the DVD archives,  be sure to grab your cosy blankey and pop corn!

Traditional board games of monopoly, game of life or cludeo, or even a gathering around the good old playstation. Sometimes we really don’t get time to sit down and enjoy a good game with friends. The colder weather is the perfect opportunity to perfect those Fifa skills or solve multiple murders.

Bake Off 
With it being so cold, is there anything better than baking a delicious, warm cake or even bread! So warming and cosy, its a activity that will not only keep you occupied, but full too!! Don’t be afraid to experiment neither. I love baking in the cooler, gloomy weather. Feels so liberating to achieve something in the dark, dingy months of the year.

Trampoline Park
Its the rave, and every town / city in the UK seems to have one, so why not get your bouncing gear on for an hour or two with friends. Whilst a trampoline park doesn’t seem that fun, lots of parks include activities like trampoline dodge ball and trampoline foam pits. Super fun, energising and good for you too! Think of the calories you’re burning and the muscles you’re working!

Get Creative
I feel my creative juices really start to flow in the autumn months. I feel like I need to achieve much much more since the brighter, sunnier days are now few and far between. I can already feel the urge put paint to paper and get damn creative. I’m thinking abstract art for my bedroom, wreaths for Christmas, and DIY gifts for friends and family including prints and hampers!

I am so excited to get started!! Be sure to keep eyes peeled because I am more than sure there will be upcoming snaps, stories and blog posts!

Being a ex swimmer, this one is a little biased, but I will be honest and find swimming is the easiest ‘get fit’ activities, especially in the colder months. It’s a real head down with your thoughts kind of activity. Tones all over, and is a good activity that doesn’t get you too out of breathe and is rather easy going for a casual swim with friends.

Refresh a room 
The gloomy months of winter is the perfect time to take a step back, ponder and refresh a room. Whether its with a new colour scheme, soft furnishings or a lick of paint. Its the perfect excuse of concentrating on your home, especially with the nippy weather outside!

Use the time to really spruce up your space. You’ll be so happy you have come spring!

There is nothing worse than feeling cluttered in everything. You home nor mind. So why not spend the ‘nothing planned I don’t really want to go outside’ kinda Saturdays de-cluttering and organising your space.
Draws, cupboards and wardrobes can easily become messy and full of all the not needed crap we seem to accumulate in little to no time. Drag out the bin bag and charity sacks and organise. You will feel soo much better knowing your home is cluttered with un-needed junk.
It’s also super warming if you can donate to much needed people!!

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