Lifestyle | The Best Candles for Autumn

Lifestyle | The Best Candles for Autumn

Who doesn’t love a bloody good candle?

Especially a good smelly one that lights up a room and wafts sultry autumnal and wintery scents.

Autumn and Winter are just born for candles on a cosy evening around a burning fire, and we have all become part of a generation who live for a good old candle.

Whilst £1 jobbies from your local supermarket can do wonders, and no way am I throwing shade on them, they’re blood brilliant. But sometimes, just sometimes we all need a lil pick me up in way of a over priced but bloody fantastic candle that nothing can compare to!
So if thats you, and you want to get super prepared for Autumn, here’s my guide to the best candles for the upcoming season.

P.s I haven’t been super snooby and have included some of those bloody fantastic supermarket favs!!

Yankee Candle – Vanilla Frosting
This is my all time fav scent, by my favourite candle supplier! I was always a little skeptical spending more than £2 on a single candle, but Yankee Candle really can’t be matched on their range nor quality of candles!! Since trying a large part of their collection, It was hard to find a fav, but I have!!

There is nothing better than the sweet sweet scent of vanilla on a crisp autumn evening!! I love mixing my candle range and this is the perfect compliment to cinnamon scent.

Yankee Candle – Cinnamon Stick 

Second in line to the good old vanilla frosting, is of course the Cinnamon Stick scent. I am a sucker for the sultry smell of cinnamon and you can’t get better than the Yankee candle edition! So crisp and strong, you know when autumn is under-way when the Yankee candle cinnamon scent is burning! Celebrate autumn in style with this perfect scent! 

Tesco –  Gingerbread Latte 
It may be a little too premature to be looking, but I hope Tesco are continuing their range of Christmas scents since one again, they are fantastic value for money and such sweet festive scents!! From memory, Gingerbread Latte was my favourite, since not other scents I have smelt quiet like it! For just £1, you really can’t go wrong!!

Wax Lyrical – Vanilla & Cranberry 
This is a pure Christmas delight! Sharp and fruity fragrance from the cranberry mixed with the vanilla makes the perfect Christmas scent. What I love the most is the adorable packaging of the tin it is displayed in, so cute and festive!

Ikea – Berry
Why oh why Ikea don’t provide christmassy / autumnal scents I do not know, but one thing for sure, their range of scented candles can’t be beaten on value for money!! Whilst it’s not super autumnal, I love their berry scent and buy it all year round. It’s so warming and super smelly which is just what you want on a cosy afternoon!

What are your favourite festive / autumnal scents? 

Anything I should give a try? 

Let me know, and comment below!! 
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