Lifestyle | Things you’ll only know if you have a family dog!

Lifestyle | Things you’ll only know if you have a family dog!

 In celebration of my doggies birthday – 4th birthday may I add, I thought it would be a good opportunity to raise some of the positives as well as negatives for having a family dog.

Don’t get me wrong, having a fluffy buddie who seems to always wag its tail and wanna play is a blast, but come on, there are some little tedious factors.

Here’s some stuff you’ll completely understand if you have a family furry friend.
You are the dog walker, despite your parents decision 
Whether it was your idea to get a dog or not, your status as child automatically enrols you into dog walking duty. And there is no way to get out of it rain or shine.

They’ll give you their paw, but they won’t return on call 
Early stages of puppy life you drum in their name, sit and paw tricks. And they’re bloody brilliant at it. But the second they are off that lead and in unknown territory, you will never return by name, unless you hold coax with copious amounts of treats. Darn dog.

No need for a alarm clock, you’r dog has one built in 
And you can’t guarantee it will be the same time every day neither. Whether you are awoken with pawing at the door, barking, wining or a good jump on the bed and lick on the face, a unknown feature of your furry pup is the early morning alarm clock.
The way to snooze or stop, breakfast or wee. One or the other, they choose!

Puppy morning wake ups are the best 
Whilst being woken up with a jump on the bed and a lick on the cheek may not be the most perfect wake up calls, it certainly cheers you up and makes a lovely change from the defining ring of your alarm clock. That still has a hour until that starts screaming!

Training is a real ball ache
And I mean a ball ache. Be ready to have copious amount of treats, and receive plenty of barking when they really don’t understand why they have to do anything for that glorious treat! Buttt, it will all be worth it when they sit, lay and roll on demand – you dog whisperer you!!

They will always be the happiest to see you 
Who knew someone or something would be so bloody happy when you just come home. You walk in the door and bam you are greeted with the warmest welcomes. They even follow you around until you show them some undying attention. You may even be given a gift upon your return. This can range anything from a ball to a blanket.

There is nothing they won’t nab, nor chew 
Your knickers, your friends knickers, even a bride to be crown. These are just a few my doggie has nabbed in the last couple of months, and I don’t even live with him any more. Nothing is safe, and anything valuable or embarrassing for you dog to nab has to be put at high level.

Note, a bed is not high enough!

You will run the most you ever have
Chasing down the road, over a hill, down the stairs, around the garden. Whether it’s to play with them, catch them or grab something off them, these little darlings offer you plenty of opportunity to hone in on your running skills. You’ll probably get fit!

They make the best cuddle buddies
They give even your other half a run for their money!! They make the best cuddle friends and are always more than happy to jump up and snuggle down. Whether day or night they will always be on hand.

They are the best ever 
They’re the best creatures on the planet. You will not find anything close to the love you feel for this furry friend, and you never knew something who’s a completely different species, nor unable to speak would hold such a place in your life. They’re funny, a terror some times, and a moody shite other times. They will drive you crazy, but the home would be empty without them. I’m so glad we have a canine family member!

All in all, Chester this is to you. Are family hero. You make me laugh, cry and smile. I’m so glad my parents finally caved and got us a family dog. We couldn’t have chosen better! Happy Birthday Buddie!

p.s I forgive you for the 4 pairs of flip flops, the pair of vans, Coldplay CD, and 4 tops you have ruined over the last 4 years.

Love you!

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