Throwback Travel | Los Angeles

Throwback Travel | Los Angeles

Los Angeles.

What a place!

It’s somewhere I have always wanted to visit. The glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, and a city that is every infamous for the attraction it draws.
So when we got the chance to travel back from Hawaii and stop off in L.A, it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, we had limited time before getting our return flight to London. However, we managed to pencil everything in we wanted to do. Here’s where and what we did!

Where we stayed 
We wanted to stay real close to the studios and in fact stayed at the Hilton in Universal city. So close to the restaurants and buzz of the studios. We wanted to go to the studios on the first day, and staying close by ensured we had as much time as possible in the park on day one, and away on the tour for 8 hours the next. Not the best place we have stayed, but served its purpose.

What we got up to 
There is so much to do in Los Angeles, and of course the top of the list is a grand tour of the city. We only had 2 days in L.A before heading home, and so we took a guided tour bus across the whole city for 8 hours, exploring Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and Hollywood. It was such a fantastic tour, and a fantastic way to see the whole city. Plus we got to see loads of celebrity houses and filming locations.

On our second day, we went to Universal studios. As a massive Desperate Housewives fan, I was soo excited to see the real sets of not only Desperate Housewives, but so many other current sets including Bates Hotel!

Universal studios was truly amazing and such a nice break before heading off home. Having been to Florida Universal Studios previously, it was so nice LA Universal studios was so different. The main difference between the two is the massive back-lot tour LA has to offer. Unlike Florida, there is always something going on filming wise, and with the vast amount of live, usable sets, there is so much to see!

We managed to see sets from War of the Worlds, The Grinch, Back to the Future, Bruce Almighty and many many more I can’t even think of right now!

Aside from the back-lot, there is of course an array of exciting and exhilarating rides and experiences. There is something for everyone and a I would say is a real must for any visit to LA!

Overall, LA was so exciting and a real city to experience for yourself. Whilst it’s glitz and glam, the city is a little rich and poor. A little rough around the edges, with a little to be more desired, but all the same, its ruddy L.A, you accept it for what it is.

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