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Since we’ve been going to a couple of cities in my last few Travel posts, I thought I’d take my blog on a beach location trip to Mexico!

Just a few years back, we decided we needed a place to completely relax and come away from the hectic day to day life of home.

We needed a place with unlimited sunshine, heat, sea, sand and mojitos and we found it in the gorgeous country of Mexico!!

I have since seen a lot of people travel to Mexico and comment on it being their favourite holiday to date, and I can see why!! There is so much the country has to offer , beside the perfect location for a relaxing bathe in the heat!

Where we stayed 

We stayed in arguably the best hotel I have even stayed in!! Whilst I have stayed in all inclusive resorts previously, I have never had the privilege of staying in a resort with the attention to detail this one offered.

We stayed in the beautiful hotel of Azul Sensatori. Complete with 3 pools, a private beach and 7 on site restaurants, the hotel had everything we could wish for! Endless drinks, snacks and food is just the start! Entertainment was to die for, and there was plenty to keep you occupied if you didn’t want to venture out the resort.

We even watched a film outside underneath the stars on one of their movie nights. Chicago is so much better under twilight!!

What we got up to 

The real beauty of Mexico, is whilst it’s a fantastic place to relax, unwind and catch a tan, there is also soo much to do outside of resorts!

We were so keen to explore the culture and sights of Mexcio whilst we could, and so hired a car for a couple of days. After some extensive research, we figured we could do everything outside the resort in 5 days, and so hired the car in the middle of the holiday.


When you head to Mexico, you know you want to experience the real culture and history. And that’s exactly what we wanted. The main historic attraction of course is Chichen Itza. It was only when we got there, in the full heat of the August sun, that we realised we could not cope with the drive and standing around in the beaming heat that long to experience it.

So we settled for some history, not soo far away, and with opportunity of some sea water to cool ourselves down if needed.

We visited Tulum, ruins of a pre-Columbian Mayan city.

In fact is one of the largest cities built by the Mayan’s between the 13th & 15th centuries.

It really is a truly beautiful setting, and the undisturbed beach is really gorgeous! I would highly recommend Tulum a visit.

If you want to avoid the mass crowds. as well as the possibility of heat exhaustion Chichen Itza offers, Tulum is the next best thing for sure!

Xcaret is a network of activities within one huge park. You can explore the Cenotes (underground rivers), zip wire through the trees, swim with fish as well as access to natural pools, beaches and bays. There is even a end of the day spectacular show you just have to watch!

There is literally something for everyone.

With 7 experiences to choose from, it was ruddy hard to pick what we should do. We decided, since we did enjoy the good old lay by the pool and drink pina colada’s every afternoon, the general admission into the park would be enough for us.

The whole day was absolutely amazing. It was so lovely to explore such a beautiful park, full of such breath-taking scenery and natural aspects.

The Cenotes were such an amazing experience, and by far the best aspect of the park. The natural current takes you through underground caves and pools of water. In Xcaret, the Cenotes are truly stunning and a real wonder. A real must when visiting Mexico.

I really could go on and on about the wonders Xcaret has to offer under one roof, but I won’t digest much longer.

The real treasure of Xcaret is the insight to the Mayan culture it offers. Explore a traditional Mayan Village, cemetery and more.

And if you’re not one to get too wet, you can even experience the Cenotes on a gondola on their Paradise river tour!!

Cancun is a must see when visiting Mexico. Kinda. If I’m being completely honest, it was a lil disappointing. We decided a trip to Cancun one random day, since we had the car and really wanted to experience the infamous city.

However, there really isn’t much there on offer. Yes the beach is beautiful, but so are most if not all the beaches in Mexico.

There were a few run of the mill eateries including Hard Rock Café and Chillies, but apart from that , we spent the day exploring shopping centres and being over all disappointed in the city.

Rather run down and in need of a good old clean.

Can’t please everyone I suppose!

Overall, Mexico offers the perfect balance of un interrupted sunshine, heat, picturesque beaches and culture in abundance.

I truly understand the attraction for Mexico as a honeymoon destination, as well as the appeal for a summer getaway.

If you ever questioned Mexico, take my advice and experience it for yourself!! It has some of the best all inclusive resorts in the world, and is surrounded by some of the most amazing experiences available!

Go Go Go!

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