Wakehurst Place | Photo Diary

On our week off, me and my fiancée enjoyed a few local places and luckily had fantastic weather too!

As you may well know from a previous post, we ventured to Hever Castle. The grounds were truly stunning and so nice to mooch around and enjoy the sunshine. Since we enjoyed the gardens so much, we decided we needed elsewhere to explore gardens and landscape.

On my way to work, every day I pass a sign to Wakehurst Place and I have always wondered what it was like and wanted to visit. So when we had a spare day, with basking sunshine, we decided it was the perfect day to finally find out!

Wakehurst offers stunning gardens to wander and enjoy, as well as a grand house to explore too. Being part of Kew Gardens, Wakehurst has endless trials venturing through woodland, ornamental gardens and wildlife and nature reserves.

As you can see, there are lots of different natural creations, as well as ponds full of the most adorable ducks. We were even followed by a clan of ducks, and it was ruddy cute as hell!

It’s open throughout the year, and being so beautiful in the summer, I can only imagine how picturesque the woodland and gardens are in the colours of autumn!

So if you’re looking for a lovely day for a picnic with friends and family, and you’ve never been, I would say it’s well worth the trip.

Have you ever been to Wakehurst? 

Look like somewhere you would enjoy? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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