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There is nothing more exhilarating than looking online for little mementos as the new Bride to Be and for all your ‘bride tribe’.

I am constantly looking for little keepsakes that can make the whole run up to the wedding a little bit special, personalised and fun for me and my wedding party. Pinterest of course gives you plenty of wacky and cute ideas for every occasion including the Hen Party, Bridal Shower, night before and morning of the wedding.
I am like any other Bride, and I want to get my hands on as much as possible that shouts to the world I am a upcoming Bride.

Here are a few I fell in love with and can’t wait to purchase.

Bride to be

I am in love with the matching attire for Bridesmaids, especially for the morning of and photographs that go with the pre-wedding madness. Personalised pjs, dressing gown and slippers are of course all a extra expense, but the small details make the world of difference.

I fear I may be a little over the top if I purchased EVERYTHING in this post, but who cares. You’re only a bride-to-be once right?

Any favourites you’ve purchased in the past? 

Anything I’m missing on my to buy list?
Let me know and comment below, I love reading your recommendations. 
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