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Wedding Wednesday brings you FREE printables that you’ll need if you want to create your own wedding folder just like me!

My organisation skills came to light when I got engaged and I jumped head first into planning for my big day. Within 5 days, yes five, I had a planner all prepared full of dividers and useful lists of things to prepare and arrange to make sure my day would be  p e r f e c t !

I’m not saying everyone needs to be as keen as me, but if you want to protect yourself from a break down, like me, then being organised is one way to do so.

I’ve highlighted the importance for me for me being organised in the very early stages of planning. You might think this is the same for you too, or you might be saying to yourself ‘where the hell do I start?!’ so that’s why I have started my Wedding Wednesday series to help us brides to be from pulling our hair out and rocking in the corner.
So back to my super efficient folder where everything weddings is shoved into and showcased when me and my mum go into full plan mode.

Its nothing special, nor pretty. Its more practical than anything. Its ideal for shoving in any leaflets from fairs, business cards from outings, and mood boards, magazine cuttings and price lists that may be printed or ripped from bridal magazines I occasionally buy.

But what has made it that little bit fancier are the FREE printables that I downloaded for my own folder.
I will not take  any credit what so ever, but just use this post for a great reference for FREE planning guides.

Get access to these FREE printables to help you create the wedding planning binder of your dreams! #freeprintables #freeprintable:

I’ve used these printables for my binder. They are not only cute, but give you a good idea of what you need to include in your planner to get the most perfect day.


This 12 month planner is perfect when you need a step by step guide on what you should be focusing on on the lead up to the big day. Whilst may of us have longer than a year to plan, it makes it reassuring that it can be done.

30 Page Wedding Planning Printable Set (available in 4 color options) | Bread Booze Bacon

This is the ultimate guide you need when planning your wedding. From Budget to guest list, this printable has you covered on all basis. Whats better, it has different colours to choose from!

So if you would prefer to print your own and have ultimate reign over your wedding planner, go ahead and use one if not all of these and get your planning on.

Have you used any of these free printables? 
Have I missed some real good ones? 
Let me know and comment below! 
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