Lifestyle | Weekly Playlist, Update & Instagram Post!

Lifestyle | Weekly Playlist, Update & Instagram Post!

Hi Gang,

Why I haven’t thought of this before I will never know!

I’m pulling all my weekly posts into one!

Yes, one happy place where you can find an update, playlist and my week on Instagram!

Since trying to juggle all 3 types of posts every week in one schedule, it didn’t leave me much opportunity to blog anything else, so this should free up some room and space for more content – yayy!!

Update & Week on Insta

Pah – what a week despite only being 4 days long. Started well and got progressively worse, including a flat tyre on the way to work and being drenched from head to toe on more than one occasion. Yep. Joys of late August!

In other news, I sailed a boat, watched my first boxing match live and further explored and organised our wedding. We celebrated mid week, a year of being engaged. It has gone sooo quick and can’t believe we have less than a year till we will be man and wife. If you want to find out more about the proposal, read this post here. 

Blogging over the last couple of weeks had taken a slight back seat, butttt, since getting back into my routine, blogging has resumed and posts are coming out my ears!!

I have started to venture more and more into travel posts, since I love experiencing new places, culture and more. I have started to re-visit places I adore, and I started with Hawaii. If you haven’t already, you can catch that post here. 

Since we are now in September, I am ramping up my student / university content to get those of you heading off to, or even back to university ready! There will be plenty of Free printables and advice posts coming over the next couple of weeks so keep a watch out!


It’s been abit of a while since I have even created a playlist, and good job too! The music world seems to become a little stale around Summer, so I’m excited to get back into Autumn and hopefully a flight of new music!

As always, I am loving Coldplay and their new music, as well as The Lumineers!

Overall, it’s been a good week despite the down sides.

We are well into the latter part of 2017. Autumn is drawing closer and so is my urge to make our apartment cosy and ready for winter!!

There is lots of new content coming this week, including Autumn ready posts and more Student September content!

Have a lovely week! 

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