Weekly Update | 11/9/2017

Weekly Update | 11/9/2017


I am currently mid sleepy eyes because this post should’ve been drafted, scheduled and posted by SUNDAY! Yet, here I am Monday evening doing it all.

Shouldn’t complain, since it fills the empty void Game of Thrones has left me on a Monday.

No bother, we got there in the end.

So another week! I’m going to keep this short and sweet I promise!

A full weeks work and I made it through. The weekend flew by as always and we are already in full swing of this week. I still can’t quiet get my head around it being September. I feel like all I’ve done beside work is bloody watch TV. It was only the other day I said how good TV gets once we get the crappier weather, and in the space of a week, we’ve had Dr Foster, American Horror Story & GBBO return!

On the blog, I have started a new series, the home-owner diaries. I am so excited about this series, as there isn’t enough help and advice for new, young home-owners. The first post is here if you haven’t already had a look over. The series will look into everything you need to know including finances and cleaning!

It’s been a little bland if im completely honest. Just some post pictures and throw backs. I did recieve some really exciting blogger mail from wear all last week, the gorgeous ripped mom jeans featured there in my instagram feed. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to photograph my first ever outfit post, once the weather has sufficed!

Coming up this week 
As per, there is loads of content prepared for this week, including a new wedding post! I’m trying to keep up with food posts too since I love my cooking and have been experimenting a lot lately in making tasty yet healthy food.

Overall, its been a bloody quick and jam packed week, with another one ahead. I am currently planning time off for next year to make sure we can fit in all our plans including the wedding and honeymoon.

I am so excited to get creating and under six months, so we can really get excited!!

Have a lovely week all!!

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