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Blogtober | Thirty One Days of Horror

Blogtober | Thirty One Days of Horror


Soz about the shouting, but I’m ruddy excited!!

‘A’ hates horrors. The sheer fact I got him to come and see IT the other week was a pure miracle, twinned with the idea we were going with others. Other than the odd trip to the cinema with a group of friends to watch a horror/thriller, I never get to watch them!

Literally, NEVER!

UNTIL that is, that it hits October and I have an excuse – Halloween. October is all about being freaked out and spooky. It’s the time of year where supernatural things happen and it’s okay to watch back to back movies in order to scare yourself s**tless!!

And that’s what I plan to do throughout October, at any given moment!

So here’s an all mighty list of 31 horror / thriller / Halloween related films you NEED to watch this October. Don’t worry, not all will scare you witless!!

Hocus Pocus – Is it even Halloween if you don’t watch this? 

Bettlejuice – A real Halloween classic!!

The Addams Family -Takes me right back to my childhood and October Saturday Afternoons!

Warm Bodies – A little weird and freaky as well as romantic. That’s what Halloween is about right?

Shaun of the dead – Down right hilarious as well as Gory. The best mix!!

Drag me to Hell – I would not call this scary, more so funny. A upbeat, rather shite film!

Sweeney Todd – Not scary but certainly gory and freaky enough for a Halloween movie.

The Fly – Certainly a strange classic!

The Conjuring – The music alone gives me the creeps. By far one of the worst horrors I’ve seen!!

The Shining – A truly disturbing classic in my eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever made it all the way to end.

Nightmare on Elm Street – Whether it’s the original or recent remake it will sure to give you nightmares.

The Sixth Sense – ‘I see dead people’. The whole film gives you shivers, and bumps!!

The Babadook – I have only watched this once, and for good reason! Freaky as hell!

V/H/S – It may be weird as hell, but stick with it because honestly, so good!!

HUSH – Stumbled upon this on Netflix. Gripping and terrifying!!

The Orphanage – It may include subtitles, but that won’t distract you from the horrors of the film!!

The Others – Very similar to The Sixth Sense, and it will surely give you shivers!

REC – Another foreign horror friend guaranteed to make you jump and squirm.

Paranormal Activity – Ahhh the most recent horror ‘classic’ it’s not normal to miss this time of year!

The Descent – A real british horror, and one that will have you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Misery – Another very disturbing classic bound to make you think twice about being famous!

Don’t Breathe – Anddd you literally won’t breathe the entirety of the film!

Dawn of the Dead – There isn’t anything quiet like this film for a gory, jumpy mess!!

The Loved ones – I thoroughly enjoyed this movie since it takes a very usual stance as a horror!

Housebound – One of the best I’ve seen and successfully mixes comedy with thriller!

The Evil Dead – Either the original or remake will make you poop your pants!

Silence of the Lambs – A true thriller classic that will not only give you the creeps, but make you feel sick!

Cabin in the Woods – Absolutely love this one. Again, a tie of horror & comedy and it works perfectly.

Psycho – A classic black and white which will have you on the edge of your seat in ways you didn’t know you would!

The Mist – A rather comical concept, but scary all the same!

It Follows – Not one I have watched myself, but I have heard it is majorly twisted and a one to watch!

If you wanna be extra scary or brave, give these a try too : 

The Exorcist – We all know of it, but have you dared to watch it? 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The noise of a chainsaw just gives me chills! 

Roesmary’s Baby – I have never conjured up the guts to watch it! Will it be this year? 

Alien – In space they can’t hear you scream, but they can at home! 

Scream – Talking of screaming, you won’t want to be alone for this one. 

Women In Black – All Daniel Radcliff is is alone in this one, and it scares me witless! 
So whether you’re on the hunt for a new Halloween slasher to endure, or fancy re-visiting some of the classics, or you’re a little wimp but want to be in the Halloween spirit, there sure is something for everyone in this movie list. 
By the way, it’s okay to be scared, we all are with most of these on!! 

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