Blogtober | Easy peasy Pumpkin carving designs

Blogtober | Easy peasy Pumpkin carving designs

It’s not Halloween unless you go pumpkin picking and carving with your nearest and dearest. And this year seems like it’s on everyone’s agenda!

My instagram has been filled with pumpkin picking outings and carving ideas for weeks and I LOVE it!

So whilst we all contemplate on what creative and ingenious carving design we will be donning this year, here’s some easy as well as amazing favourites I found on good old pinterest!!

Since we have a week full of birthday celebrations and onset of decorating, we are in need of relitively quick and easy pumpkin ideas, and these certainly cover it!!

Have you been carving pumpkins? 
Any designs I should try? 
Let me know in the comment section below!! 

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