Blogtober | Halloween themed Bakes & Sweet Treats

Blogtober | Halloween themed Bakes & Sweet Treats

Hay Monday and Halloween Eve.

It’s a little disheartening when Halloween falls mid-week, since festivities are no fun on a school night. But, we don’t have to be so vanilla, and we can spare a couple of hours or so staying in the spooky spirit with some good old baking. Whether you plan to host a grown-up suaree with movies and nibbles tomorrow, or just a rather relaxed night in front of the telly, there is always room for some Halloween home bakes to pick and snack on.

Since baking and me doesn’t quiet go hand in hand, I am always looking for a easy yet effective bake that won’t take that long, nor stress me out too much!!
– Halloween Cookies – 

There is nothing better than a hand decorated Halloween biscuit. Simple bake, but as always tasty and cute. I made a couple of these last year and they didn’t last much longer than an hour, just tooo scrummy!! Here’s the recipe I followed – BBC Food

– Pumpkin Pie – 

Since we have all been carving our pumpkins, we might as well make good use of the gubins we have extracted. This pumpkin pie recipe here just sounds amazing, and really rather easy to follow too! I am sure to give this a go, right after I have made a pigs ear of my carving!!

– Chocolate Orange Tart – 

Not too kean on a pumpkin pie? Maybe a chocolate tart with a hint of orange will take your fancy? This super delicious and really rather pretty tart is perfect for chocolate sweet lovers looking for a spooky desert. This recipe by Mary Berry is so easy to follow as well as speedy. Give this a try if you feel adventurous this Halloween.

– Jelly Worms – 

Really not baking, rather melting bits together to make these truly amazing sweeties. And they’re home made! With a very small shopping list, you could make these for any occasion, yet they perfectly suit Halloween. I will say, these are great to snack and nibble on during a good old Horror film! Find the recipe here.

– Pumpkin and Maple Cupcakes – 

This requires ‘a bit of effort’ according to the recipe. Despite not having made this myself, it doesn’t sound too complicated, and the perfect concoction for a very autumnal, Halloween esqu cupcake! The decoration is a little more talented than my skill set, but hopefully mine would taste all the same. See the recipe here. 

– Vampires Blood Punch – 

This is really a super food jammed punch with a Halloween inspired name. All the same, it sounds delish and the recipe is only 2 steps long! So if you want a ruddy easy recipe, which will suit the Halloween mood, and want to be a little on the healthy living side, give this one a go! Find the recipe here. 

I love creating sweet treats, especially when there is a film to be enjoyed, or a gathering with friends and family. Whilst the weekend celebrations are over, there is still plenty of time to get celebrating, or continue the festivities until Halloween itself.

Do you get baking for Halloween? 

Any of these you are keen to give a go? 

Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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