Blogtober | Places I’d like to spend Halloween

Blogtober | Places I’d like to spend Halloween

It would seem this is another travel related post, combined with Blogtober and the upcoming celebration of Halloween.

I will say, I am not a massive fan of Halloween, however I do like the time of year, and the spookiness October brings. As you may well know, I do love a good horror film, and I do like to be scared, all the whilst in the moment I am terrified and cry like an absolute baby!

That being said, there are some pretty amazing places around the world where they celebrate Halloween in a different style than us typical brits. Bearing that in mind I have put together a list of the places I would like to spend Halloween if I get the chance.

– New York – 

I have been to New York nearing Halloween time and the colours and the spirit in the city is something else! Yes it rained and that was bloody awful, but I would love to actually be in the City over Halloween itself.  New York City Village Parade is meant to be spectacular and something I would love to experience. Whether I was trick or treating (very unlikely), or just wandering the city in the evening, it just seems like a great way to celebrate!

– Universal Studios – 

I have had sooo many friends and family members who have jetted off to Florida in bid to attend and enjoy the horror nights in Universal Studios. Every time someone pops up on my Facebook with a Walking Dead walker in the background, a spout of jealously irrupts. I am sooo eager to experience it myself, and get scared witless. Plus, I wanna see a walker up close and personal, who wouldn’t!

– Mexico – 

Rather than Halloween, it’s refereed to day of the dead and offers 3 days worth of celebrations, starting on 31st October. Every town celebrates slightly differently but usually includes street festivals with food, drinks and dancing all night long. Dancing in costume in the middle of Mexico sounds like a great way to celebrate Halloween, or much rather the day of the dead!

– London – 

Not that I would really call London spooky, probably because I have been there soo often, but I would love to spend Halloween itself in London and experience one of the many ghost walks and horror tours. Whether I followed the steps of Jack the Ripper, or hunt for the ghost of Queen Isabella in a old churchyard, I would love to see a rather spooky and scary part of London. Of course, it would include a good old trip to the London Dungeons!!

– Disneyland – 

A not so terror related place to spend Halloween, but rather a family originated spooky spectacular of gorgeous autumnal decorations, parades and characters. There is no better place to spend a holiday of any sort, than Disneyland, including Halloween. This is a must visit place for me in October, especially when I have my own family!!

– Transylvania, Romania – 

This looks like the perfect destination to spend Halloween with its spectacular Gothic architecture, and surrounding forests. With so much history and inspiration for many spooky tales including Dracula, it offers soo much for Halloween night itself. Tour the infamous and impressive Bran Castle and learn the truth about the truly terrifying legends. Tours also include Romanian Cusine, live medieval music as well as live shows and the Count Dracula Wedding!

– Salem – 

Ahhh, the setting of Hocus Pocus and the historical spooky town of America. This place has sooo much history, and without even being in October, this place is spooky as hell! On Halloween it’s self, there are magic shows, witches balls, fireworks and more to enjoy. I would love to go back and give this place a visit at Halloween!!

Hopefully, I will manage to experience all of these places over Halloween in the coming years. I love autumn in the UK, but whats better than experiencing other cultures and their celebrations of the haunted night!!

Have you been to any of these places over Halloween? 

Any that take your fancy? 

Let me know and comment below!! 

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