Blogtober | Spooky Events for this Halloween

It’s Friday the 13th, can ANYTHING get more spooky than that!!

No better day to explore some of the spooky things you can do this October to get you into the Halloween mood, if you’re not in it already of course!!

I love Halloween events, albeit I haven’t been to one in a longgg time.

Unfortunately for me, the weekend before Halloween is always dedicated to my FiancĂ©e’s birthday, but It doesn’t mean you can’t do something a good week or so before the main event of October 31st!

So what’s on offer? Here’s a couple I have found and am eager to book a ticket for!!

– Tulleys Farm – 

If you’ve ever been to a Tulley’s Farm evening you know how worth while and frigging scary they can be. This year, they’ve run with the clown theme, probably because of It, and it has never looked more terrifying. With 8 Haunted attractions to endure, live music and food, its a night you will not forget and bound to make you pee just a little. Check it out if you dare!

– Thorpe Park Fright Night – 

Why oh why I haven’t been to a Thorpe park fright night only god knows, but I have heard so much about it. And you don’t have to be a roller-coaster nerd to like it either. After dark the whole island ‘changes’ and infamous attractions like Saw the maze remains open, as well as exclusive live spooky attractions open up to scare the crap out of you!

– Harry Potter Studios : Dark Arts – 

This isn’t as Halloween related at those two above, but is rather spooky and a time of year to really experience the Harry Potter magic. Plus, the great hall features over 100 floating pumpkins just like the first film!!
If you have never been to the studios, it’s well worth going when such an event is on, as you get to see the great hall dressed just like the film, and there is a real cosiness to the studios!

There is plenty out there for those who fancy get scared this Halloween, and for those who fancy something different. I for one am a little gutted we don’t have anything prepared at this stage, but there’s still time!!

Are you going to any Halloween events this year? 

Anything that takes your fancy from the above? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

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