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Home | Finishing Touches for Your Hallway*
Admittedly, the hallway may not be a priority when you’re decorating your home or you’ve just moved into a new property. It’s usually the afterthought – a place that we pass through on the way to other rooms. However, it is the first thing your guests see, so you should make it welcoming and inviting.  It’s easy to decorate your hallway and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  

Natural Light 
You should try and open up your hallway to as much natural light as possible, as it is a small space which can often look cramped. You can do this inexpensively by installing a large mirror, which also comes in handy for checking your appearance as you rush out of the door. You should avoid placing your mirror opposite the front door, which is bad for feng shui! If you have more to spend and your hallway is particularly dark, why not invest in a skylight to really open up the space to light?  

In a small space such as the hallway, storage is very important – the last thing you need is rows of shoes just waiting for you to trip over them! You can get creative with storage – fill up the space under the stairs, place a storage bench by the door or pop a shoe rack under a side table.  

As your hallway leads off into other rooms, one way that you can make a statement is with your internal doors. For a timeless look, consider a classic internal oak door. If your home is more modern, opt for a door with glass panels, which will open up the space.  

Feature Wall 
Use your hallway as a space to experiment with patterns and colours by creating a feature wall. Plain white walls can pick up dirt easily, particularly if your hallway is busy with children and muddy shoes, or dogs coming in from their walk. Hallway walls are often smaller too, which means you can splash out on the wallpaper, with confidence that you won’t need to buy enough to fill a whole room!  

Go Green 
Plants have to be one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate any room, not just a hallway! Have a look around your local IKEA for plants that are super easy to look after, but also make a statement. A white pot with a green plant looks so chic, and the pots don’t have to cost a fortune either.  

If you’re on a tight budget, rugs are an easy way to bring colour to your hallway. Choose a colour that compliments your feature wall, or go for a statement print in an otherwise monochrome colour scheme.  

You can use your hallway as an area to showcase your favourite artwork! Source prints from local artists or get online to the likes of Etsy, and build the rest of the colour scheme around it! If art isn’t your thing, go for film posters or book covers 
Your hallway doesn’t have to be a neglected space. For a low cost, you can experiment with colour and artwork. If you have more to spend, why not update the doors or install a skylight? After all, the entrance of your home should introduce guests to the rest of your home – and your fabulous taste!  

*This post was in collaboration with Cheshire Mouldings*

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