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Lifestyle | Just Chilling

I feel I need to explain myself a little bit, since I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth a lil and my blog seemed to have published wannabe posts and twitter is stuck in a time warp of last week.

I had a week off work. And a trip away to Devon to visit family. I also became poorly. And we painted our bedroom. My fiancee also turned 28. I cried at the prospect of going back to work and the early mornings. That is all.

In turn, my week off work turned into a generic week off everything, including social media. This, for me is majorrrr since I spend 99% of my usual day glued to it finding the latest celeb gossip, orrrr a new blogger, blog post or fashion staple I need to incorporate.

All in all, I felt a tad guilty I let a couple of things slide, including scheduled and intended blogtober content. But hey, when the girl needs a break, she needs a break.

And so, whilst I feel I do need to explain myself sometimes, just a lil, I also remind myself when the pangs of guilt strike me when I haven’t tweeted, posted or Instagrammed in like 24 hours that sometimes we need to give ourselves a break.

Just sometimes.

We are just 6 weeks from Christmas *gulp* and I do in fact have plenty of content to be getting on with. And with a quick refresh, breather and roughly 24 combined hours playing Sims, Charlotte seems to be back in the game and energised – wahoo. 

However, I cannot promise I will not spend another 24 combined hours playing The Fairmount family over the coming weeks, I will get better at playing that once my content is actually finished and ready to post!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I do apologise for not so much October themed, Halloween inspired posts. I just had too much fun!

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