Lifestyle | UPDATE

Lifestyle | UPDATE

I don’t know how and where this part of my blog is going to be honest.

I love writing these posts since it’s very much like my own personal and very public diary.

My lil space where I update you guys on what is going on behind closed doors.

But if i’m honest, I don’t get much engagement from it at all and half the time I ramble on about pointless shite. But hey ho, we will see how we go.

For now there is still space for this section and so it remains.

So the update ay?


In wedding world, I have brought home my wedding dress. My ACTUAL dress, you know the one I will be wearing. I have also purchased not one, but two pairs of wedding shoes!! My hen do is also in planning mode. All I know is it’s a weekend away in London with 15 ladies. Not sure what we are doing, but I know it includes a 5 star hotel! Oh so excited that something else is in the diary!!

ALSO, I have made a few changes, nothing too dramatic, just a few. Favours have undergone a revamp, and bridesmaid dresses have a new contender!!

Outside of wedding world, I am due a break in just over a week. My teacher fiancee of course has half term off, and so do I – wahooo!! I am sooo excited to have some time off. Plans currently include painting our bedroom which is the first room in our currently bland, white apartment to get a splash of colour!!

Other plans include a trip to family down in Devon, and me getting a little creative by painting a canvas to match our new bedroom colour scheme. So excited! We also have A’s birthday at the end of the week!!

Adult plans include registering our marriage and getting my fiancee a ruddy passport!!

Aside from all of those bits and bobs, there’s nothing more to report.

I honestly can’t believe we are half way into October and rapidly approaching ruddy November!!

Alert, we have 2 paydays till CHRISTMAS!!

Must get Christmas Shopping sharpish!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! 

Here’s hoping it doesn’t fly by as quickly as the week!! 
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